The most important attractions in Saba

Natural attractions on Saba island, which you must see in this charismatic place. Most of the population of Saba is distributed in the four main cities of the island - Bottom (administrative capital), Windsidy, Hells Gate and St. John. In order to communicate with residents, you do not have to know Dutch because since the 19th century English has been enforced in the local education system and is freely spoken as an official language.

Religion is predominantly Christian-Catholic, but given that over the centuries Saba has served as a circulation coin in the politics of many countries, there are also no descendants of Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and Methodist ideologies. Saba Island - the unspoiled Caribbean queen.

All of you, regardless of your religion and origin, will welcome you with a smile, invite you to join them in the bars and restaurants (where, besides tasting the unique Saban cuisine, you will participate in the heated discussions ), will guide you to the best places for beach, scuba diving, surfing or picnic, tell you about your customs and traditions and even come with you on a night walk.

The island can also be reached by motorboat or boat, three or four times a week from Sint Maarten, to the port of Saba - Fort Bay. Although island is small enough to be around for a day and to be able to stay in any location it is naturally the greatest attracts the capital of Bottom. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Saba island

Here are the port, the hospital (with its adjoining home for elderly people), the government offices, and the University School of Medicine (a joint project between the United States and the Netherlands) that attracts many students from all over the world.

The town boasts 3 more churches, a sports field, a library, and many hand-made souvenir shops and hand-embroidered lace. Among the most popular churches in Bottom is the Methodist World Flower Church, near the Home for Elderly People.

Like the rest of the island's buildings, she impresses with her neat, somewhat colorful radiance. It is built of stone, with red tiles and red shutters, and is open three times a week, and a traditional Sunday school is held Sunday. Saba Island - the unfinished Caribbean queen.

Another popular landmarks on Saba island is the National Marine Park, which surrounds the whole island and is considered to be one of the best diving sites in the world. It was founded in 1987 by a non-governmental organization for the conservation of coral reefs, several natural formations (formed by volcanic activity) and underwater inhabitants.

It is allocated to zones according to acceptable needs and is free to dive for only $ 3, with which you contribute to the maintenance of this pristine area. You yourself think that on an area of ​​13 sq. M. Mainly rocks and vegetation, there is not much room for cultural monuments.

But such can still be found in the form of museums in some of the cities where you can learn more about the past on the island of Saba, in the form of chapels, each of which has its own followers and program, in the form of carnival and community events, in which include absolutely all those present on the island - no matter the tourists or natives.

From the natural point of view, you will recognize every secluded lagoon, every blooming tree and every breathtaking view (ie every step). And before you leave, ask your thoughts for a long time that Saba island retains its glory in a rough Caribbean pearl. Earth needs more such places, does not it?

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