The most important attractions in Santo Antao

Santo Antao is the westernmost and largest of the attractions of Cape Verde. To the southeast is the island of Sao Vicente separated by channel Canal de Sao Vicente.

This is the second largest island in Cape Verde. The island is volcanic in nature and it's beaches are black sand. The highest point on the island of Santo Antao is Topo de Coroa with a height of 1 979 m. The second highest peak is Pico Da Cruz with a height of 1585 meters.

The island is divided by a mountain range of north and south. The main city in the north is the island is Ponta do Sol, and on the southern Porto Novo, where there is a ferry link with the island of Sao Vicente. Between the two cities has an asphalt road that can go by taxi (about 45 euros will cost).

Ask the driver to stop when you climb at high altitude and enjoy idivitelnata views of the island of Sao Vicente. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Santo Antao

Of course their paths ai to other settlements - Ribeira Grande, Ribeira da Cruz, Sinagoga and Vila das Pombas. The climate is temperate oceanic with more rainfall in the northern part of the island, which is covered with green mountain vegetation. Southeast part the climate is dry and rocky valleys suffer from severe erosion.

The only beach that we recommend on the island of Santo Antao is a beach Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, but only during the dry season. The island is considered one of the most dangerous in terms of volcanic activity.

Scientists suggest that in the near future activity of volcanoes will be moved because there is a persistent increase in water temperature around Ponta do Sol. Agriculture stopanstvoi fishing are the main industries on the island.

Over the past 20 years, paying particular attention to tourism. Santo Antao island offers hiking, pony riding, paragliding, were built many tourist routes. Visitors are offered a walk on the island and monitoring of rare birds (vultures, wagtails, blackcaps, sparrows).

There are very good conditions for climbing the steep slopes of the mountain. Residents of the island are about 50 000 people. Despite the tranquility of glance life here is pretty crude.

All people know and are very friendly. In the local restaurants offer delicious fish dishes, scallops and crabs. Of sugarcane special technology made brandy like grog. A good option is a tour of the island of Santo Antao by bicycle. You can expect really nice time among the natural attractions of Santo Antao. In the local disco will enjoy music and dancing until morning.

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