The most important attractions of Philippines

The most beautiful natural attractions of the Philippines, who must visit. Batanes islands, located near Manila and Taiwan islands represent an isolated world-people speak a local language, their own customs and traditional clothing and the landscape more reminiscent of Scotland than in Asia. The rumble of the ocean can be heard everywhere: this is the point where the Indian Ocean meets the South China Sea and stormy green waves crash into the slotted volcanic rocks. The weather is cold and windy. Rains fall throughout all the months of the year. Despite his reputation as an oasis of primitiveness in the smallest province in the Philippines attend all elements of today.

Perfect place to go back to nature. Another attraction of Bohol is the smallest primate on the planet tarsierat (Tarsius Syrichta), which has remarkable size of 4 to 5 inches and a tail longer than its body. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions of Philippines

Chocolate Hills are a unique geological formation 1268 conical hill of the same size in the province of Bohol, Philippines. Its name due to the velvety chocolate color that autumn is dyed otherwise lush green vegetation on their slopes.

About how they formed is tell many stories, but so far scientists have not found an adequate scientific explanation. One of the most commonly cited hypotheses that have formed as a result of the erosion of marine limestone, which is located on the water-repellent clay underneath. Rice tearsi in Banaue in northern Luzon are a miracle created by people in the province Ifuagao.

Somewhere around two years were needed to build the most complex system of rice terraces that are irrigated by clean, calm waters of a mountain stream. Hard work, perfect coordination, joint actions of all people, as well as accumulated time knowledge and skills are the reason the complex system of terraces and irrigation channels continue to exist 2000 years after its creation until today.

It could easily compete in complexity with the Egyptian pyramids with the difference that the terraces were built by the people for the people, not to magnify the power of a royalty, and yet it continues to be used by people today. If they are collected and arranged in a line the walls of all balconies are enough to describe a circle around the planet. The rice that is grown is red and violet color is very different and delicious than any other rice variety.

Palawan is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. This is the largest province in the country, which includes 1770 small islands and eponymous main island of Palawan. The beautiful landscapes of this long 425 km. and 40 km wide. Island are a paradise for nature lovers. Exciting adventure transition in dense tropical forest on the island.

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