The most important attractions of India

Natural attractions of India are very much and we will most likely miss any of them in this article, for which please excuse us in advance. We start with Nohkalikai Falls, which is located in northeastern India. Incredibly beautiful waterfall because the water falls from a height evergreen plateau 330 meters in a small blue green pool.

During the monsoon, when rainfall are large form several small waterfalls that literally come out of the thick jungle. On the eastern side of Nohkalikai Falls has the opportunity to make beautiful panoramic photos. Dudhsagar Falls, amazingly beautiful waterfalls of the river Mandovi, located in Bhagwan Mahavir Wild Life on the border between the state of Goa and the state of Karnataka.

Tiered waterfall and therefore is the fifth highest in India. Is crossed by a railway line that runs along the bridge in the middle of the waterfall. In the lower part ends with a big pool, which can even bathe. Another major landmark in India's largest river island in the world Majuli island. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in India

Flora and fauna of this river island you can see only if you take the ferry from the town of Jorhat. You will notice that the local population lives in houses pile because of frequent changes in the level of the river.

Caves Borra Guhalu is considered to be one of the longest in India. They are one of the natural attractions of India. Largest collection of stalactites and stalagmites worth seeing. Since this is still in India is normally a lot of whimsical shapes and formations in the caves be likened to the god Shiva.

If you love to ride a camel can visit the desert Thar. In no different as African deserts, except that it is located in the Indian state of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Constant winds cause sand to move and to form shifting dunes, which you can see on a safari adventure.

Lonar Crater Lake, located in western India - Maharashtra state. The diameter of the crater is half a mile, and its depth is 200 meters. The crater was formed by a falling meteorite 50,000 years. Then the rains fill this big hole to reach the current vision. Naturally the crater, and around it there are many scattered temples, most of which are in poor condition.

Kanha National Park or known as Reserve for Bengali tigers Kanha. Natural wonder of India, which has a large population of tigers and many other animals (leopards, bears, wild dogs). It is assumed here that just received inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the novel "The Jungle Book."

Hills Matheran, are six large and beautiful hills, which in summer are frequented by many tourists. The best way to view them if you use the services of Indian Railways. If you love history can enjoy the most beautiful palaces in India, will be fascinated by the architecture and their decoration.

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