The most important attractions in Dunk Island

Natural attractions of Dunk Island is located 4 km from the eastern Australian coast, opposite the town of Mission Beach. Nowadays Dunk Island is the largest island national park in it. There are seven such islands of granite rock where there are protected areas located on the east coast of Australia.

In the distant past, each of these islands was part of the mainland, but more than 8000 years when the water rises to form a beautiful and intact earthly beauties. Dunk Island occupies only 970 ha land, of which 730 hectares are territory of the national park.

The remaining 240 hectares are privately owned. Mainly hotels and houses for tourism is in the northwest corner of Dunk Island. There is a lovely beach with fine sand, rocky shores, gently undulating slopes, foothills and steep slopes. Kootarloo peak is the highest point on the island, 271 meters above sea level. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Dunk Island

Here is a great view of the whole island. You can easily make your panoramic pictures of Dunk Island. The island is surrounded by reefs, it is home to over 100 species of birds, reptiles, tree snakes, geckos and skinks.

The waters around the island are home to many marine creatures such as sea turtles, corals, fish, crustaceans and crabs. In early February 2011 Dunk Island was hit by a cyclone that caused severe damage to the infrastructure of the island.

This island is known worldwide for its unique beauty. It rises over the waters of the Coral Sea and is almost entirely covered with tropical forests.

Nowhere in the world will no longer receive such a memorable family vacation. Only here you have the unique opportunity to experience the thrill and enjoy the natural idyll.

While on the island, you can start your day with a walk through the rainforest or along the coast. Children may leave them in the care of teachers, and parents will be able to spend a day by themselves, watching the sunset cruise with champagne or relax at dinner in one of the restaurants on the island.

The island is famous for the beauty of the rainforest. Unlike neighboring islands where the rest will come much more expensive, you will dive into a wide range of convenient facilities and activities.`

If you have enough time and financial ability can travel south to Byron Bay. One of the most beautiful areas of Australia.

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