Beautiful Nature of Chatham island

The natural attractions of Chatham island , New Zealand are not very known to travel the world, but it should be noted that there is nothing to visit. Chatham Island and Pitt Island are the largest of the archipelago Rekohu.

Located about 800 km east of New Zealand and are part of this country. The average altitude is around 100 to 200 meters, and the climate is oceanic with frequent rainfall. One thing is certain, you can make a lovely walk without a guide because you can not get lost or get tired.

We start with the first interesting place - Waitangi Bay Beach. Six kilometers beach, where there is low tide in the western part of the island of Chatham, the main residents here are seabirds. Waitangi is the only village with about 200 descendants of Europeans and Maoris. Bookmark and Share

Chatham island photogallery

Natural attractions in Chatham island

Let me add that in the past when Chatham Island was inhabited only by Polynesians and Maori cannibalism was that two centuries ago was prohibited by law. Why cannibalism is most common in the Pacific Islands?

The Moriori who are the native people are still present today in there descendants who are of mixed European Maori and Moriori blood .

Quite simply, they did not have animals on the islands and eat only fish. To compensate for the lack of fresh meat are organized temporary wars among themselves. Killed in battle were eaten by all. The island has a port Kaingaroa and Tuku Nature Reserve. In the southern part of the island has a high cliff and a large waterfall, which is difficult to access.

Very dense forest and lush deciduous vegetation protected area. Sparsely populated island with about 600 permanent residents. There is one hotel that can somewhat give you the comforts of civilization. Chatham Island is suitable for a relaxing holiday I would even say boring vacation.

The same applies for Island Pitt. Even if there is a horse farm, which is a lucrative business for people. The islands are hilly terrain, rocky shores and several inner lagoons and quiet beaches. In these places there are many freshwater and that's what we are occupied in the past by Maori and European settlers by now.

On both islands there are inland lakes (Rangitahi, Huro and Te Whanga Lagoon), who enter the protected areas Henga Scenic Reserve, Nikau Bush Conservation Area and others. Island Chatham, New Zealand has several mountain streams with names and Tuku Te Awainanga.

Since these islands are very remote from civilization, plus these are protected areas, therefore the city of Oakland is organizing a one-day air tour with Douglas DC-3 over the islands with lunch included. Attractive proposition right?

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