Beautiful Nature of Chagos Archipelago

The most important natural attractions of Chagos Archipelago are protected by international conventions of the UN and especially the commitment of the UK. Tourism Chagos archipelago will, because at the end of last century, almost all natives have left for building a military base in the UK and the US.

Chagos Islands are about 500 kilometers from the Maldives to the south, but belong to the fictitious island of Mauritius. The last license to fish near the Chagos archipelago expired in 2010. Since then this place on Earth is considered a protected area.

Coral reefs are scattered across the Indian Ocean, but let us note that here is the largest atoll in the world Great Chagos Bank. Here are the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and ekostitemite in the area have proven resistant to climate change when there is no human intervention. Bookmark and Share

Chagos Archipelago photogallery

Natural landmarks in Chagos Archipelago

The altitude is only a few meters above the water and for this there is only coconut palms.

Underwater treasure, however is large: over 370 species of coral, 800 species of fish, whole colonies of birds, sea turtles and crabs.

Chagos archipelago of five atolls, the most interesting is the atoll Diego Garcia. Nearly closed atoll, it has built an asphalt road. It is populated by military who live in military base. Also has an airport and quite facilities for living, but there are no conditions for tourism.

The only option to visit this beautiful place has its own yacht, which is not given to everyone on our planet. Another atoll is Salomon. In the past, there were about 400 slaves who worked on coconut plantations.

Currently we can see the remains of the buildings and fill your water from existing wells, as long as you can walk through the dense jungle. The third atoll Peros Banhos is the closest to Nature of Maldives.

There are port and jetty for unloading goods, which in the past was used by the plantation. Egmont atoll was uninhabited for many years, but is a favorite spot for boaters and occasional travelers.

There are two very beautiful beaches at both ends of the atoll. Besides beautiful pictures of the Chagos archipelago and atolls another interesting gone.

Similar even more beautiful pictures can make the Maldives a very good conditions for rest.

We hope we have been helpful in this our small article about natural attractions of Chagos Archipelago. Personally, I like me this destination if traveling as from Reunion Island to Indonesia or Australia.

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