Natural attractions in Wyoming

The most interesting natural attractions in Wyoming are at least settled a US state. Wyoming is known for two things. National Park "Yellowstone" and Buffalo Bill. Except that bordered on the east by the tourist attractions in Nebraska and landmarks in South Dakota in the Great Plains are the most fertile soils of Wyoming.

Beautiful landscapes are very similar to the lower parts of the Alps. The first landmark is Yellowstone National Park. According to some sources, this is the first national park in the world in 1872. Known among nature lovers for its wildlife, geothermal and geysers, the abundance of deciduous and coniferous forests and mnopo ecosystem types.

Yellowstone National Park offers an exceptional variety of tourist attractions, especially during the summer months. Bookmark and Share

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Most important natural attractions in Wyoming

In winter journey of tourists going with snowmobiles. One of the sights in Yellowstone is Great Falls. Located along the Yellowstone River and are divided into upper and lower waterfalls.

The upper waterfall is 33 meters high, while the bottom 94 meters. In comparison with Niagara Falls this is higher but less deep. There are four observation points of the waterfalls, which can make beautiful panoramic photos.

Devils Tower, 386 m rock that is unique in the region and is visible from a great distance. In recent years, is highly popular for climbing with modern climbing equipment. Old Faithful, very popular geysers in Wyoming. Boiling water erupting from 36 to 52 meters every 90 minutes on average. The water temperature is about 120 degrees Celsius.

Rendezvous mountain, a mountain in the western part of Wyoming, a popular place for skiers who are dropped from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort at an altitude of 3300 meters. Of course there is the gondola, but in summer you can climb on foot along established trails and to make panoramic photos of the area.

Phelps lake, beautiful lake located at the entrance of Death Canyon in Grand Teton National Park. The whole park is very interesting destination. Because you can enjoy the alpine scenery in both winter and summer. Grand Teton Peak, located in the Table Mountain at a height of 3385 meters.

A major challenge for climbers in recent years. Bighorn National Forest, located in northern Wyoming. Forest reserve mainly conifers and many lakes full of trout. All animals are protected and live without danger to be shot by poachers, elk, deer and bears.

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