The most famous attractions in West Virginia

Natural attractions in West Virginia are known for its mountains and rivers, the best place for recreation and tourism outdoors. Here are the most numerous karst formations in the caves, which are suitable for rural tourism and research in this area.

Furthermore we can safely indulge in favorite activities, rafting, mountain biking, and in the winter skiing and hunting. In West Virginia Appalachian mountain chain passes, which defines low mountainous state. In areas pass many rivers, which, unlike most states do not form lakes, but form small height gorges. We begin our tour of landmarks in West Virginia New River.

New River is one of the five oldest geologically terms rivers in North America. If you really want to feel the American nature make an exciting journey to attractions in Virginia. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in West Virginia

It is one of the tributaries of the Ohio River, named so since the first settlers from Europe. The most beautiful panoramas of the New River can do from Gorge Bridge 518 meters high.

New River is suitable for rafting and kayaking. Furthermore, you can visit the Hawks Nest State Park and climb the panoramic platform on the river. Panoramic view of the park is a unique beautiful.

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, a natural area near Harpers Ferry, where the river flows into the Potomac River and Shenandoah. The park offers a variety of hiking trails, historical museums and restored buildings, boating, fishing, rafting and hiking trails.

Canaan Valley, National Park in the northeastern part of the state of West Virginia in 1974. Passes through the park beautiful Blackwater River and on both sides form a large valley oval. There are over 280 species of animals and birds, and the river can be fished trout. Stonewall Jackson Lake, a popular place for fishing for trout, carp, catfish and perch.

Here is built luxury Stonewall resort, which offers rustic charm and the finest amenities for a family vacation. Summersville lake, the largest lake in West Virginia. Used for recreation, boating, snorkeling and rock climbing.

Another purpose of the lake is to control water resources in the central part of the state. Waterfall can mention the most beautiful Elakala Falls. A series of four waterfalls on Blackwater river, a favorite place for photographers.

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