Natural attractions in Minnesota

Due to the large number of lakes and vast areas covered with deciduous forests can safely write that natural attractions in Minnesota are an ideal place for recreation and tourism. By beautiful landscapes they do not yield the attractions in South Dakota.

An interesting fact is that approximately 60% of the population lives in Minnesota Minneapolis metropolis. This means that many of the other areas, especially in sparsely populated suburbs. Priority for holiday travelers are hunting and fishing, and traveling by bicycle.

The most famous tourist walkway to the northeast is the Superior Hiking Trail, which is located in the Superior National Forest. It is prohibited to drive motor of vehicle, horseback riding and mountain bikes. The total length is about 500 km. Jay Cooke State Park, a protected area 15 km from Duluth, with many beautiful gorge of the River St. Louis. Bookmark and Share

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Most visited natural attractions in Minnesota

This is a wonderful place for panoramic pictures of Jay Cooke State Park. The park offers good conditions for tourism and the St. Louis River is suitable for trout fishing and canoeing only in certain areas.

Visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Minnesota, Minnehaha Falls. Minnehaha Falls is 16 meters high, during the dry months almost dries and rainy summer months is incredibly deep. In winter freezes and can be used for ice climbing. Lake Calhoun, the largest lake in the vicinity of Minneapolis.

Together with the lake of the Islas, Cedar lake and lake Harriet form a whole system of recreation and tourism. In the summer are used for bathing, and in the winter freeze. Lake Minnetonka, very beautiful lake west of Minneapolis. It was formed during the last 10,000 years, when it was ice age.

After ice retreat north remains highly segmented Lake Minnetonka. At the beginning of last century there was a real invasion of hotels for rest and medical facilities. This has led to the destruction of nature in the area. Currently this place is quiet and ideal for family summer vacation. Voyageurs National Park, located in northern Minnesota with very large water resources, a popular destination for canoeing and fishing. In winter skiing and snowmobile.

Park covers four major lakes: Rainy Lake, Kabetogama Lake, Namakan Lake, Sand Point Lake. Itasca State Park, located in the upper reaches of the Mississippi River. 500,000 tourists visit the park annually.

They come to enjoy the peace and quiet in the dense pine forests. Spring months are ideal for fishing and summer camping and walk on footpaths 55 km. Autumn is beautiful because of the changing color of the leaves especially in the area of Lake Itasca.

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