Most visited natural attractions in Michigan

Natural attractions in Michigan are located on two peninsulas in the northeast United States. Capital of Michigan City Lansing, but the largest city is Detroit.

Both peninsula surrounded by four large lakes - Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Between the peninsulas is 8 km channel Huron, over who has built bridge. The first stop of our trip is the island of Mackinac. Located in Lake Huron in the east of the Strait of Huron.

This place is suitable for a peaceful holiday, because 80% of the area is a protected area. Around the island there Huron coastal road, which is perfect for a bicycle tour or walk. Belle Isle Park, located in the midst of the river Detroit.

Visitors can see the aquarium, conservatory, natural zoo, yacht club and even a golf course. Most of the protected areas in the state of Michigan woods. Bookmark and Share

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Most beautiful natural attractions in Michigan

These are Newton Woods, Black Spruce Bog Natural Area, Dead Stream Swamp, Dukes Research Natural Area, Roscommon Virgin Pine Stand and more. Are scattered throughout the state, each of which has its own charm.

Besides these beautiful natural attractions there are a few impressive waterfalls. Such as waterfalls are Tahquamenon Falls.

Actually, these are two separate cascades close distance of 6.5 km between, like Upper Tahquamenon Falls is spectacular because of the height of the falling water, and Lower Tahquamenon Falls with very scattered off small cascading waterfalls (see photos).

Because they are located too far north in winter very long cold Tahquamenon Falls freeze and are suitable for spectacular panoramic shots. Lake of Clouds, a beautiful place located in the Upper Peninsula. Lake is a popular place among fishermen and nature lovers.

Similar panoramic views you can see among natural attractions in Minnesota. Lake of Clouds is surrounded by forests between the two hills of the Porcupine Mountains. Grand Portal Point, a rocky arch in the northern region of the state, is formed in a rock slide at the beginning of last century. Ottawa national forest, the western part of the Upper Peninsula.

The area is rich in breathtaking sights and observation of wildlife, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Autumn is best to make your panoramic pictures in Ottawa. If you like romance, can offer some of the most beautiful sunsets in Michigan in Copper Harbor. The location is secluded and pradrazpolaga to the peace and tranquility of the High North America. One of the advantages of life around these big North American lakes is the lack of tides. In other words, you can build a house on the beach without worry.

Another advantage is fresh water and the lack of big waves, ideal condition for canoeing or as a small boat without worry that it will be paid.

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