The most important attractions in Molokai

Natural attractions and beaches in Molokai, for people who seek peace and nice atmosphere in the Pacific. Paradoxically there are about 8,000 people who are very hospitable.

Life seems to have stopped here because there are no high technology of the modern world with a few exceptions of course. On the island of Molokai are not many cars because asphalt roads are just around the coast. Nature is well preserved. You can safely leave your car on the road and walk on foot on the steep volcanic cliffs down to the shore in the valley Pelekunu and valley Wailau.

Largest city Kaunakakai is located in the central southern part of the island of Molokai, this is also the main port. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Molokai

Here you can buy souvenirs or just to stroll. In the northeast is the largest Papalaua falls and can be best observed from a helicopter.

Beaches in Molokai are not many, most of them deserted because time there will save on water. However, we can mention the largest white sand beach Papohaku. The place is suitable to send the sun and take pictures in clear weather beautiful sunset player Molokai.

A favorite spot for surfers brave Murphy's western beaches and beach Sandy. Here is the only barrier reef in Hawaii. Explore Molokai farm, which already operates 100 years and is in its authentic form.

You will see exotic animals, and can ride a horse along with local cowboys. The climate on the island of Molokai is tropical with an average temperature of about 24 degrees.

During the winter months the winds are colder, but did not fall below 10 degrees at night. What makes Molokai unique for tourists? Many travelers by sea come to this heavenly place for simple lives lovely secluded beaches.

To feel the silence of the wind in their hair and enjoy oblivion and silence. You'll find fishermen as they were before more than 100 years, smiling and cheerful, ready to show you the secrets of the island of Molokai.

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