Attractions in Namibia worth visiting

Incredibly beautiful and most visited attractions in Namibia are a magnet for travelers with adventurous spirit. Get ready for an exciting and exotic trip in this truly fascinating country. In southern Africa is a vast territory covered by desert vegetation and sand dunes of the Namib Desert. A huge part of it is located in Namibia. In Namibian desert, the Namib Naukluft park, and its yellow and orange desert is the oldest in the world. Namibia's capital Windhoek is a city founded in 1840 with a population of only 300,000 people at an altitude 1640 m above sea level. The majority of the population of Namibia live in the northern regions of the country. The south side is bordered by beaches of South Africa and attractions of Botswana to the east. The most interesting attractions Namibia:

Spitskop nature reserve, which is located between Usakos and Swakopmund. This is a favorite place for people with adventurous spirit. Climbers from around the world come here to experience extreme climbing granite rock that scientists say is 100 million years old. The highest point on the scale is 1784 m, and the lowest is 700 meters in the desert - ideal for camping tents. Bookmark and Share

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Skeleton Coast Namibia
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Natural attractions in Namibia

Etosha park is the next attraction in Namibia, which is worth visiting. It stretches 5000 sq. km. in the northern part of the country and is the largest reserve in Africa.

Do not miss the Dead Vlei or also known as the Dead Marshes. Located in the Sossusvlei national park. The whole area is quite wild and therefore has no developed road network. I have to sleep on one of luxury camping.

Interesting to see the area is dry trees in the desert. Since the climate is quite extreme and harsh, so after 1000 years, these plants are quite well preserved. In the past, flooding from the overflow of theTtsauchab river.

Once the water has receded have formed swamps in which the trees are grown.

The most important landmarks in Namibia

Beautiful and very impressive attraction in Namibiais Fish River Canyon. After the Grand Canyon in North America, it is the largest in the world. Fish River Canyon is 160 km long and in places is 27 km wide.  The depth of the places reaches 550 meters, which is a miracle of nature.

For avid hikers a special route of 80km, which runs for 3-5 days.

Eco trail starts from the camp Hobas and the views that you are about to see are extremely beautiful. In northern coast of Namibia is the world famous beach Skeleton Coast. For 700 km can see shipwrecks that have crashed due to the strong water flow of the ocean and the fog that often surprises sailors. The landscape is surreal and sinister, in which most of the people have died because of the hundreds of miles of water and no village.

For those of you who love history can offer a walk in the cities of ghosts. Cities founded based on human greed and ended tragically.

Here a century ago were discovered diamond deposits near the cities which were built Walvis Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Pomona, Bogenfels and city Kolmanskop. Unfortunately, diamonds are quickly done, and the cities were abandoned.

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