Most visited landmarks of Mozambique

Before we begin to tell the most interesting landmarks of Mozambique, it should be noted that the country is located in the eastern part of the continent of Africa. In Mozambique distinguish two climatic zones, as the country is located from north to south over a large area - the 25th largest in the world.

The northern part is a belt with subequatorial climate and the south to the tropics. In other words, from April to September is the dry season, which is favorable for tourism because the temperatures are around 25 ° C.

For tourists the most interest are the coastal regions of Tophel and Moma. Here is the most developed in terms of infrastructure area. District Barra offers well maintained and clean sand dunes, exotic palms and mango trees. Be sure to visit the northern city of Pemba, which is located in a large and beautiful bay.

There are quite well preserved colonial buildings from the time of Portuguese influence in the region , the quiet atmosphere of the city will keep cherished memories with you. Bookmark and Share

Landmarks of Mozambique photo gallery

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Bazaruto Mozambique
Gorongosa Mozambique
Gorongosa fauna Mozambique
Mozambique island
Mozambique Mocaba
Mount Binga in Mozambique
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beach pemba Mozambique
island Xefina Mozambique

Incredible journey through the landmarks of Mozambique

For those of you who love diving offer pleasant entertainment underwater nearby coral reef and beach Uimbi .

The entire coastline of Praia de macula is quite impressive , as here , there are remains of past shipwrecks , where to this day are found more and more artifacts.

In the border regions of Mozambique may experience the similar landmarks in Malawi and attractions in Tanzania, which will not surprise you especially.

The most important landmarks of Mozambique are actually national parks that are currently protected territory. Bazaruto archipelago is a marine reserve, located 10 kilometers from the coast with crystal clear waters, coral reefs and palm forests , a paradise for the traveler .

Wonderful and unforgettable moments for landmarks of Mozambique

Actually Bazaruto reserve consists of 150 large and small islands of outstanding natural beauty - tropical flora and fauna. Access to all areas is limited, but good intentions can even descend diving or to stay in the small tourist lodges, especially for guests of the park.

Except in the coastal landmarks of Mozambique National Parks are Banhine, Gorongosa and Zinave. Here you can enjoy the high biodiversity of course if you hire an experienced guide to show you in these wild areas.

Near the capital Maputo is the preserve, which in the past has been totally destroyed by the people.

Mozambique authorities were forced to buy animals from neighboring countries in order to fix and flog extinct populations of elephants, hippos, and monkeys.

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