The most important rivers on Earth

What are the most important rivers on planet used in the past as highways? Yangtze River. This is the longest river in Asia and third longest river in the world of distance from 6300 km.

Once one of the most important thoroughfares of the China Yangtze River became a symbol of the policy of energy generation from hydropower plants. On one side projects such as water supply system, "Sanz" are an attempt China to shake off the dirt of coal dust.

On the other hand ecosystem seriously suffer because of grandiose structures which were erected. Mekong River. The river provides transportation and is the main source of irrigation in Southeast Asia. It is the 12th longest in the world and 10th in run-off, as the father length is 4500 km. In the Mekong Delta in Vietnam in one form or another is focused economic life. Mekong passes more through the territory of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Ganges River, although it is best known for its sacred value is important from an economic standpoint road. Bookmark and Share

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The Most important rivers on planet

City of Varanasi on the banks of the river is considered one of the most important Hindu cities. For most Indians, life has no meaning if one at least not bathe in the Ganges and thus liberate his soul from sins. Volga is the largest river in Europe, which is crucial for the economy of Russia.

Half of the leading Russian cities, including the capital Moscow, are situated in its valley. One of the largest water sources in the world are powered by the Volga River. Lena River is one of the largest rivers in Siberia. For many years its delta freezes, and during the short summer wakes up in lush greenery.

Amazon River is the only option for moving through the Amazon jungle. The river is the source of life (water, food source for irrigation) for the people who inhabit this region unfriendly. Rio Uruguay is much shorter than the Amazon, but there are no less important, especially for energy Uruguay.

The name of the river and the country comes from the language of the Indians 'Guarani' and literally translated means "river of the colorful birds." Nile is the most important waterway in northeastern Africa, and the land along its banks virtually the only fertile land area in the region. Niger is another important water source in the desert areas of North Africa.

The river passes through the western part of the continent and sailing on it is the most convenient way to travel around the region. Senegal river is the third in importance in North Africa. Mali, Guinea, Mauritania and Senegal, through which flows Senegal have joined efforts for its preservation. The legendary river in the American Midwest has been and continues to be the leading transport corridor. Rio Grande is one of the longest rivers in the United States and, for the most part outside the labeled with Texas Mexico.

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