Most important attractions of Rhodes

The most important landmarks of Rhodes are the big resorts and near them beautiful coastline. It is therefore logical that the economy of this Greek island depends entirely on tourism. The infrastructure is very well developed, major importance are the roads connecting the east coast to the west coast of the island of Rhodes.

Since altitude is not very large, except for peak Ataviros plants are mainly pine and cypress brutski. The soil is rocky, so much of the Rhodes is sparsely populated. Many people living in coastal areas and cultivated vineyards, citrus fruits and some vegetables. Most important historical sites on the island of Rhodes, Lindos Acropolis, located on the highest hill in the city of Lindos. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Rhodes island

The position of the tip is ideal for panoramic photo of Lindos. Acropolis is a whole set of different architectural buildings such as the amphitheater, the Church of St. John, Temple of Alexander the Great, the walls built by the Crusaders, colonnades and others.

The ancient city Kameiros, located near the village Kritinia. In Hellenistic times here lived about 400 families. There are well-preserved Doric portico outlines of two temples, Roman houses and altar of the god Helios. Another thing worth seeing is the medieval city of Rhodes and in particular Rhodes castle.

Rhodes Castle is the best-preserved architectural landmark on the island of Rhodes. While some parts of the fortress are further restored the towers and ramparts are in perfect condition. Other attractions on the island of Rhodes will only list them, because it is better to see live.

These are medieval castle near Monolithos Castle near Critias. More can be said about the governor's palace at Rhodes museum. It could say that every village on the island of Rhodes is actually resort. We start counting row, embolism, Afandou, Koskinu, Ataviros, Paradiso and Faliraki.

The tour of this beautiful place in the Mediterranean on the coastal road is 220 km. So that could easily be around for a nice family vacation. In fact, Rhodes is located near the island of Cyprus, so that you can combine your holiday with a pleasant visit attractions in Cyprus.

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