The most visited attractions in Maryland

According to a poll attractions in Maryland are mainly historical and architectural, but according to my humble opinion of load which I visited, the nature is very nice. I suggest you start walking from Ocean City.

The long narrow strip, which is located from north to south formed peninsula, which is very built up with hotels and amusement parks. Population during the summer months increased significantly, reaching 8 million tourists.

Stroll the longest "Atlantic Avenue" - a promenade in Ocean City built in 1902 or visit Amusement Park Rides Trimper. For those of you who love the sea we offer a nice holiday on the long sandy beach at which trees become scarcer. Bookmark and Share

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The most interesting attractions in Maryland

Deep Creek Lake, the largest inland lake in Maryland, suitable for fishing, water tourism and water for the population.

The proximity of the lake ski resort Wisp is favorable factor for tourism in this part of the state. Fort McHenry, military fortress of the city of Baltimore, which successfully protected the city in 1812 by the British Navy.

The fort was built in the shape of a star in the Chesapeake Bay. During the Civil War Fort McHenry was in prison and is now a historic attraction in Maryland. Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower, 15-storey building and above it there is a clock tower built in 1911.

Baltimore Basilica, the first such basilica in the US from 1806-1821 year. After major reconstruction 2004 to 2006 the National Shrine of the Assumption in Baltimore is open for visitors. The incredible architecture inside and out can be seen daily through educational excursions. Moreover periodically Basilica hosts many cultural events (concerts, performances).

Washington Monument in Baltimore, the oldest monument of George Washington in the United States of white marble with a height of 60 meters. If iskateda see the city from a height must climb 228 steps to the top where you will observe a panoramic view of Baltimore.

The idea of the monument is borrowed from the column of Emperor Trajan in Rome.

Great Falls National Park, located on the border between Maryland and Virginia. Here, in addition beautiful scenery you can do rafting on the rapids of the Potomac River, which is generally calm river, but there is an area with quite small waterfalls. If you remained a little time and you are wondering where to go, I can offer you a pleasant walk in the tourist attractions in Virginia.

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