The most beautiful canyons on Earth

Without doubt the most beautiful canyons on Earth always evoke admiration and adoration before the greatness of the mother land with overwhelming force and power has created these giant creatures.

What are the canyons. These are deep gorges between the surrounding cliffs, often inscribed by rivers. On the tenth place is rated Canyon Todra Gorge. Located in the remote eastern parts of the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The last 600 meters of the gorge are the most impressive.

In some places the width of the high rocky walls is only 10 meters and vertical smooth walls reach up to 160 meters on each side. The scenery is truly spectacular. They can often be seen local people with donkeys pass through the gorge. Bookmark and Share

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Beautiful canyons on Earth

In ninth place was Kings Canyon - This canyon is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the southern desert of the Northern Territory of Australia.

Part of the region is a sacred place for locals aborigines, so visitors with respect and esteem proceed in these strange places. The walls of the royal canyon high above 300 meters.

Quite close is located and The Kings Canyon Resort, exceptional foresight created a resort that offers tourists, comfortable rooms, a spa and even the possibility of camping.

And all this just 6 km west of the majestic canyon. Colca Canyon is located on the river Colca, in the mountain range of the Andes in southern Peru. However, the canyon walls are not vertical and more than 2 times deeper than the Grand Canyon.

In addition to the great views you can enjoy the condors. They can be viewed at a relatively short distance. Interestingly in these regions is that local still continue to strictly comply with local tribal traditions.

So, if you visit the place, you will meet with a very interesting local culture in addition to the grand canyon. The Copper Canyon is actually a network of canyons which together are several times more than any big Grand Canyon in the US. Presdtavlyavat group of canyons in the Sierra Tarahumara.

The walls of the canyon are dyed so amazing combination of copper and green. The path for tourists goes over 37 bridges and through 86 tunnels. The canyon walls reach up to 2400 meters and offers breathtaking views down the canyon.

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