Exploring the World's Amazing Beaches

Going round the world you will find very many amazing beaches in different countries. Among them there are some that are referred to be amazing beaches that are a must see for everyone who want to have the real experience of being in a beach.

The following is a list of some of them and the countries where you can find them. Of course, given the desire of you can visit the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria or the beaches of Greece, because the whole family vacation will come it at much cheaply.

Seychelles – the beach happens to be in the top list of photographed in the world with pale pink sands that unfurls across the La Digue Island. It’s one of the archipelago 115 components found in the Indian Ocean and its sand sparkles against towering granite boulders backdrop which has been worn by weather and air.

The water in the beach is shallow and the reef protects it from the waves of the ocean Maldives – this is the beach of your dream where you can spend your nights being pampered in a four- star resort or even spending time with tropical fish as you swim together in the 80 feet underwater.

It is located in the south-western side of Sri Lanka and it and is made up of 1,102 islands and forming 26 atolls. Bookmark and Share

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Most visited amazing beaches on Earth

Bora Bora, Tahiti – located in south Pacific, the beach is 18 meters long and among the islands that make up the French Polynesia. The beach lies in protected lagoon which has white sandy shores on its edges the best one being the Matira point. The Bora Bora beach has won the name Romantic Island due to beaches that are isolated, hotels that are full of romance and a very quiet atmosphere.

Hamptons– the place is well known for air kissing and well-heeled set and in the long Island it happens to be the one that boasts the prettiest beaches. Its shorelines are unspoiled and run from around Southampton to Montauk which is on the eastern side of island.

Its waving grasses and windswept dunes borders the Atlantic Ocean Lanikai Beach, Hawaii – this is a white beach with sparkling sand, lush tropical plants, palm trees swaying around, and an endless sunshine, Lankai becomes among the most scenic beauties in Hawaii.

There is a coral reef nearby that protects the shore by keeping the surf calm. The water in the beach deep green always and perfect.

Nantucket Island – In the North Atlantic the surfside and the children’s are the beaches that are most popular.

There is a lot of sand for those who love sunbathing and the water there is calm. Other known beaches here are Madaket due to its surfs that are rough and sunset throughout out and the other one is Quidnet beach which provides the visitors a great view lighthouse Traveling throughout the world and having experience in different places is fun and this gives you time to relax your mind and refresh.

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