Viewing attractions in Morocco and its cities

Attractions in Morocco are one of the best preserved in the Arab world that show us the greatness of the Muslim religion in the past. For visitors to these sites, we can offer an amazing trip to the famous arhitrkturni and cultural monuments that preserve memories of past events.

The price includes: Visit to Casablanca and the incredible Mosque of Hassan II-the second largest in the world view of Rabat, founded by the Carthaginians, a visit with a tour of Meknes and the royal palace from the 17th century, tour the ancient city of Volubilis in the western Roman Empire.

In the excursion tour enters the medieval capital of Fez with a staggering 9000 University of streets and 9th century, the oldest in the world. You will see the majestic Atlas Mountains another attractions in Morocco excursion to Marrakech, visit the beautiful garden Majorelle - restored by Yves Saint Laurent. To finally left the tomb of the Saadian last resting place for the descendants of Mohammed.

Only ten miles from Europe, Morocco is just another world and never fails to astonish visitors with hypnotic and refreshing culture. Attractions in Morocco do not stop here. Visit a local mosque to feel the spirit of the Muslim religion. Do not forget to take off your shoes at the mosque entrance. Bookmark and Share

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Enjoyable excursion to attractions in Morocco

The first thing that will impress you is the stunning variety of all - you see, hear and try.

Morocco is a country of exceptional natural beauty, with scenery ranging from incredibly beautiful Tuscan style in the countryside and meadows covered with colorful wildflowers bursting into rolling hills covered with snow in the majestic Atlas Mountains.

If we go south, we shall go into arid plains and clear sky park, adobe villages scattered the horizon until almost unchanged from biblical times. People are quite different: intelligent and refined, mixed with wandering nomads who graze sheep, just as they did their ancestors for centuries.

Dressed always in colorful traditional clothes of the Berber tribes. One of the attractions in Morocco is its hospitable people.

The main feature of the local population isĀ  hospitality and tradition to invite guests over a cup of mint tea. Morocco is a former French colony in Africa, which influence is still felt in the country.

There are different proofs of this: the food, architecture, language, and even road signs.

Draa Valley - This beautiful valley is very much visited attractions in Morocco, especially by photographers. Draa Valley Draa river and start south of the Atlas Mountains, passing through palm groves and Berber villages in the west to the Atlantic Ocean. The valley and the river is very scenic, a true natural picture. River, especially during the summer dries and does not reach the ocean.

Undoubtedly attractions in Morocco is the biggest cities in Morocco are Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakesh of course: four imperial cities, each of which was the capital of this amazing country with an absolute wealth of different nature.

Morocco fulfilled the expectations of visitors with all the charm and splendor - truly astounding and fascinating country.  The promotion is valid only from March to May 2012.

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