The best beaches in Moorea island

Moorea island paradise for traveler, located 17 km northwest of Tahiti and is part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia. Situations in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This island is one of Bora Bora's rivals in beauty and not only that. It  is the undisputed leader in the ranking for the most ecologically clean place among the Polynesian islands.

Moorea is an atoll consisting of a central island surrounded by one of the largest coral systems in the world. Its shape is triangular and with a little more imagination can be likened to the heart. It is for this reason that it is an attractive destination for couples in love.

This paradise has two large bays - Opunohu Bay and Cook Bay on the northern edge and a small Vai'are Bay on the east side. Bright sun, blue skies, white coral beaches and turquoise blue lagoons.

This is Moorea. Moorea is an inspiration for artists, writers, and tourists from all over the world are attracted to the magnificent hotels, the transparent blue lagoons with the golden white beaches.

The riches of the coral bottom and the beauty, the asphalt road that goes around the island and can be by any means - by car, bike, bike or on foot. Bookmark and Share

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The best experience in Moorea island

We traveled around Moorea Island for two days, renting bicycles. But if you want to climb the mountains of the island you need a guide.

This will save you time and unnecessary effort, especially if it rains you on the high mountain. The paths are well marked and do not need extra equipment. If I had to be honest, the attractions of Moorea Island I liked more than the Tahiti attractions.

This is my personal opinion, of course. Whatever the choice, everyone will find it difficult to track the road in its 58-kilometer miles. The high point is Belvedere, inside the island and the highest point, revealing one of the most spectacular views in the South Pacific.

The dark blue bays of Cook's Bay and Opunohu Bay are cut into the splendid green interior of the island and the impressive Rotoui Peak, which separates them. The writer James Mitchoner says, "It is impossible to describe it in words, it is a monument to the exuberant beauty of nature."

Besides a paradise for divers, Moorea is also an inspiration for artists and writers. Great sunrises and sunsets, virgin nature, clear-blue lagoons with white beaches, rich coral reefs and splendid hotels are just a small part of what makes tourists come to the crowds here.

Moorea's stay will not be complete if you do not come back to Tiki village - an old village where you can witness a Polynesian wedding ceremony, the local customs, and the dance dance "Fire Dance."

In conclusion I can finish my story that the Murea island  is very remote for civilization, you need a very large budget because of expensive air tickets. All other rates, such as hotel accommodation and water attractions, are the same as other islands around the world. The island's cleanliness is very high, for which we strongly recommend this beautiful place.

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