The most important attractions in Moorea Island

Bright sun, blue sky, white coral beaches and turquoise blue lagoons it is Moorea Island . Lovely tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia.

It located only 19 km. northwest of tight contests and Bora Bora championship the most beautiful island on Earth, but is the undisputed leader in the standings for most ecologically clean place among Polynesian Islands. Moorea Island is an inspiration for artists, writers and tourists from around the world are attracted by the magnificent hotels, clear blue lagoons with golden white beaches, rich coral bottom and beauty of the landscape.

Part of it is asphalt road encircling the island, which can not be completed in any way by car, bicycle, motorcycle or on foot. Like what choice everyone will find that it would be difficult to trace its path in a peaceful and picturesque 58 km. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Moorea Island

The highlight is the Belvedere, in the interior of the island and the highest point, which reveals one of the most incredible views in the South Pacific.

Dark blue bays Cook and Opunohu run into the lavish interior of the island and an impressive peak Rothwell that separates them. The writer James Michener says: "It is impossible to describe it in words.

It is a monument to wasteful beauty of nature. On Polynesian Moorea means yellow lizard.

Because of the shape of the heart many couples choose the island to have sworn allegiance or to spend honeymoon . Unfortunately the wedding ceremony is without legal Value, but very beautiful.

The bride dress according to local custom, makes her special tiara, then marriage champagne is served in the shells of coconuts and newlyweds go on a trip to a small island.

The bungalows the most famous hotel "Sofitel Ia Ora" are one of the most beautiful beaches of Moorea in the shadows of kokosovitv palms.

The glass floor panels allow you to explore the colorful marine life of the lagoon at sunset tourists have the pleasure to admire the sky blazed in all shades of pink, purple and red or drinking a cocktail at the bar simply enjoy the sights.

Stay on Moorea will not be complete without a visit Tiki village - the old village where every tourist can witness a Polynesian wedding ceremony customs of the locals and dance show "fire dance".

Here Paradise is under water. Beautiful coral reefs and abundance of marine organisms attract fans scuba diving. Who says that Heaven is only in heaven?

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