Jurney in Monument Valley Arizona

Monument Valley Arizona is the park where some of America's most famous western films are shot and why. Amazing beautiful place. The photos are nice, but traveling through the desert is a painful one. I've been living in Arizona for many years now, only in winter, but these desert landscapes make me happy for just 5 minutes and a photo. I prefer to show something more colorful and green. Spaces, horizons.

And a color and a half, but you can't say it's boring! No way! The Native American tribe still lives on its lands. So at the Well Memorial Park, they are a guide for tourists. This is one of the most important places for them, a huge cave with a hole in the ceiling. The feeling was incredible when one of the drivers sang. Monument Valley Arizona is located between Utah and Arizona, but the park entrance is from Arizona. The Navajo tribe lived here, who are the true owners of this beautiful land. Some of the tribe members are currently tour guides and may show you the most interesting places in Monument Valley. There are several options for this. One is a jeep, the other is to ride a horse and the third is to travel with your own car. Bookmark and Share

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What Monument Valley really is

This option is not recommended especially if your car is a tourist model. You should also get a map from the tourist center. Most tourists prefer a jeep and a local guide. It is a desert area, with many amazing rock formations made by the natural elements millions of years ago.

One might even say one of the symbols of the United States. Being in Utah nature attractions and in particular, the Colorado Plateau is a real desert here. The soil is eroded, sometimes forming black sand. What you can see in Monument Valley Some of their formations have names such as:

Eye of the Sun or the Three Sisters. It depends on who imagines the rocks and on what plan he looks at them. Here are some of the attractions of Monument Valley that are worth seeing:

  • Tribal Park Loop
  • John Ford's point
  • Hike the Wildcat
  • Trail Mystery Valley
  • Hunt's Meat
  • Forrest Gump Point
  • Mexican hat

It matters what time of the day the East and West gloves go. Here are footage from Forrest Gump, The Pale Rider and more. The Natural landmark in Arizona has a lot of fun, camping, horseback riding and all the amenities for tourists. If you are a professional photographer, here is your place to take some of the most beautiful panoramic pictures of Monument Valley Arizona. As it rarely rains here, the sky is cloudless and the sunlight is strong. You have the opportunity to take pictures of sunrises in Monument Valley and sunsets of course. If you are going to visit this charismatic place in March, then your photos may be attended by clouds and if you are lucky with flash. The most used route is US163 and US 191 in Utah. Monument Valley attractions are great, so walking is not recommended. If you are collecting souvenirs we recommend you buy them from the visitor center, but if you want them to be authentic buy them from the Navajo Indians.

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