8 most visited landmarks of Montenegro

Landmarks of Montenegro are a very small area, but are quite preferred in Europe, especially in affluent tourists because commodity prices are quite high.

Montenegro is one of the youngest countries in Europe, the former Yugoslav republic, which in recent decades has become an attractive tourist destination. Territory of Montenegro is too small, with a small coast on the Adriatic Sea, but very beautiful inside mountains, crystal clear mountain lakes and diverse flora and fauna.

For those of you who want to visit this fabulous country will give some information about the biggest landmarks of Montenegro.

 Budva - a beautiful medieval town with well-preserved city walls are very good conditions for sea tourism in the Adriatic, varied nightlife and affordable hotels. Bojana - interesting area separated from the eponymous river in Montenegro. Unspoiled area with quiet and secluded beaches perfect for walking, unique dunes inhabited by rare birds. Kotor - historic town with interesting architecture in the Bay of Kotor. To reach the city needed to cross quite a distance into the bay at the end of which is the city. Behind martial walls you can see expositions of valuable artifacts.

Ostrog monastery  - the spiritual center of Montenegro, built in the hollow of a large rock. Thousands of pilgrims come each year to pray to St. Basil of Ostrog be a true miracle. Bookmark and Share

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budva Landmarks of Montenegro
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park Durmitor in Montenegro
Kotor Shore Line Montenegro
Skadar lake Montenegro
Ulcinj town in Montenegro
Monastery Ostrog Montenegro
Montenegro lake Skadar
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Most interesting landmarks of Montenegro


Durmitor National Park - located inside the country and it includes Tara canyon, mesa mosquito nets, Mount Durmitor and Sushitsa. Its area is about 400 km2 with 18 lakes, many mountain peaks, some of which are over 2000 meters. Infrastructure of the park is very well developed, because here are the major attractions of Montenegro. For lovers of hiking there are eco trails, mountain biking, beautiful well-preserved caves, rafting and much more impressive surprises.

Skadar Lake - the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula. This tranquility is guaranteed. You can ride a boat or a small boat at a good price. The depth of the lake is small, averaging about 6 meters, which is good for populations of pelicans and other endemic birds. Banks of Skadar Lake are very beautiful and picturesque. If you look closely you notice the charm of this enchanting place, because the lake has an abundance of small marshy bays and peninsulas. The most visited resort in Montenegro in summer Budva, called by some people the pearl of the Adriatic, as well as for attractions in Croatia - Dubrovnik.

The population is small, but in the strong tourist season it is doubled. The coastline is very similar to the attractions in Corsica and attractions in Sardinia. The beaches are covered with gravel and fine sand and start at nose and end Dubovitsa to Cape Platamon.

The most visited beaches in Budva Mogren are Becici, Milocer and Buljarica. Visit the old town of Budva with its narrow streets enclosed by old houses in the Venetian style.

Here are the Church of Our Lady del Punta, St. John and the Holy Trinity. In the highest part of the city is the castle 'Castel Santa Maria. "Here is a magnificent view of the old town and the whole area.

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