The attractions of Mongolia in the center of Asia

Attractions of Mongolia are not among the top landmarks of continent of Asia, but they have their own charm and charisma in respect of which few visitors left delighted. Most tourists who arrive in Mongolia looking for adventure in ecotourism.

Since Mongolia's infrastructure is less developed and there are no roads to mountainous areas, therefore the country is ideal for hiking and horseback. Fishing in asian tourist attractions is also well developed, and camping under the stars.

Only summer is favorable for this as in other seasons is very cold and dry. An interesting and very attractive remains visit nomadic family. Walk the endless plains, horse riding and visiting the local wrestling tournaments is a real attraction for Western tourists.

You will feel calm and boring life of the Mongols.

Mongolia is a country that is farthest from the seas and oceans, and for this reason it is still retained its originality. Here Western culture is very poorly entered the lifestyle of people. What are the most favored routes? Gorkhi-Terelj - national park with a specially built camps and trails for horseback riding and hiking and biking. Bookmark and Share

Tourist attractions of Mongolia photo gallery

Mongolia Altai area
Mongolia Darkhad area
Field Khentii in Mongolia
Mongolia Gobi and Altai
Mongolia valey camping
Mongolia monastery area
Mongolia big lake
Mongolia cristal water lake
Mongolia snow mountain
Otgon peack in Mongolia

The capital Ulan Bator and its unique museums and monasteries and authentic theater.

Nature of Mongolia, real attractions of Mongolia

The vast alpine lake Khovsgol Nuur surrounded by mountains and forests, starting destination for horse riding.

Darkhad - depression, which are grown deer, but if you want to visit them.

Kharkhiraa Uul - mountain glaciers and valleys, which serves as the home of nomadic shepherds and mountains in summer.

Altai Tavan Bogd - National Park offers alpine lakes and ice-covered peaks, ideal for tourism.

Otgon Tenger Uul - sacred mountain for many Mongolians with alpine views and a well developed network of tourist trails.

Tuvkhun Khiid - secluded temple, situated high in the mountains.

Gurvan Saikhan - national park with ice canyons, great sand dunes and impressive desert.

Monastery Amarbayasgalant Khiid - very beautiful work of art in which they rested local celebrities.

Field Khentii - here you will encounter many lakes, forests and ruins of the campaigns of Genghis Khan.

The monastery Manzshir - located in a beautiful mountain valley of Bogd Khan. This is one of protected areas nature of Mongolia park more than 300 years. Manzshir monastery is located 1,400 meters above sea level and is one of the attractions of Mongolia. The monastery was founded in 1733 by a total of 20 temples had over 300 monks. In 1932 most of the temples were destroyed and remained only the largest temple was restored and converted into a museum.

The richly decorated museum will see other interesting attractions of Mongolia shown in pictures aplaninski landscapes. Nature of Mongolia is very beautiful and well inquisitive tourists to touch it once.

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