Main attractions in Micronesia

In the western Pacific are spread over 600 small and large islands, called the general name of Micronesia. Micronesia and Polynesia with Melanesia in the composition of Oceania. In fact, this Pacific country has a very small land area, but is scattered off a huge 2.6 million square kilometers Most of the islands are volcanic and coral character, which is a prerequisite for underwater adventures.

Members of Micronesia includes four countries: Yap of 145 islands, Ponape - 163 islands, Kosrae 5 island and Chuuk - 294 island. On some maps you can see that the composition of Micronesia enter - Caroline Islands, attractions in Mariana Islands, Kiribati and the Marshall Islands. The common name of the country is the Federated States of Micronesia. The local population is mainly engaged in fishing and agriculture.

Due to the remoteness of the islands in the Pacific Ocean and poor infrastructure, tourism is still in the initial phase of development.

In recent years there is a real market for tourist services and the building of hotels on larger islands. The climate is generally equatorial, humid with constant day and night temperatures. Frequent are typhoons, which cause a lot of destruction. The capital of the federal states is Palikir. It is located on the island of Ponape.Bookmark and Share

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Underwater attractions in Micronesia

Overall attractions in Micronesia are connected with the sea.

There are all kinds of marine entertainment - diving, fishing, sailing and more. Way there, however, is a long and expensive if you use international airlines. On each of the larger islands have an airport - Ponape, Yap, Kosrae and Chuuk.

Here is some information about the attractions in Micronesia and specifically for each island states. For example, on the island of Yap, you can spend great clean and quiet beaches, but be aware that some of them are privately owned.

Here rich people organize or rent private parties, which can eventually you join there. Most of the hotels are one-storey wooden houses, which often are destroyed by typhoons in the area. On Chuuk island group can dive or swim in the shallow shoals and atolls. For connoisseurs of underwater adventure can offer exciting walk underwater museum. The large lagoon has over 100 Japanese ships sunk and aircraft of World War II.

For romance also think. There are about 100 small islands with an area less than 1 square km. Some people find them fascinating and exciting, even more so that they can be reached by boat, while passing through narrow channels between the islands. The largest island is Ponape.

Here are the attractions in Micronesia most, ranging from hiking through the jungle to the place and get to climbing basalt cliff Sokehs. A walk through the channels of the ancient stone city Nan Madol will be good. This is the most important and visited attraction in Micronesia.

For dessert you leave the island Kosrae. Amid the reef plane and covered with mangroves small islands, you may find a little lonely beaches. Lagoon water is so clear that visibility under water reaches 30-40 meters. Lagoon marine life are many. Watch out for sharks and hammerhead.

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