Beautiful and vast nature of Mauritius

No matter how you believe the Earth is an island that is incredibly nice and very fabulous landmarks this is precisely nature of Mauritius. There you can not only sunshine and swim, but surfing or snorkeling. TROX beach is most suitable if you're on holiday with children as the water there is not so deep. This beach is very convenient for divers, especially for beginners.

The biosphere of this island is the richest of life and colorful coral reefs on earth. Among nature of Mauritius you can enjoy this natural wonder, even without the snorkel to the reef because it must swim a little distance. Most hotels on the island offer many opportunities for fun - boat excursions, water skiing, windsurfing and many others. You can rent a boat or yacht and have fun again.

One of the attractions of Mauritius is volcano Trou Aux Cerfs. It is cooled millions of years ago, and now it has to city Curepipe. The width of the crater is 300 meters and the height of 600 meters. The volcano crater itself is covered with vegetation, and the bottom was formed a small lake. Lake during the dry period of the island became mud. Be careful when you get close. Nature of Mauritius is exceptional. In the clear and warm lagoons of Mauritius you can swim all year round. Despite the incredible conditions offered, this island is not very popular among tourists. Bookmark and Share

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Mauritius sunset

Magnificent holiday among nature in Mauritius

It is therefore ideal for a quiet and romantic holiday. In nature of Mauritius you have something to see and do.

Enjoy the pleasures offered by the sea, explore the island or eat delicious food at one of the many restaurants. Rest of Mauritius, you can combine with safari in South Africa. The island boasts an excellent infrastructure, very good hotels and great opportunities for recreation and sports.

Nature of Mauritius, preferred destination for tourists

If you prefer to laze on the beach, soft white sand will simply enchant you. In the evening do not miss any of the casinos and disco clubs are full of life. The ideal option is to rent a bike and explore the island. Summary - Mauritius has something for everyone. It is a dream come true for every tourist to tropical island - palm trees, soft nights, clear water and smiling people. The climate of Mauritius is a great all year.

The underwater world of Mauritius is very rich and can be enjoyed while snorkeling in crystal clear waters. Holidays in Mauritius are very different - just like its inhabitants. The beaches of Mauritius are incredibly beautiful - white sand and incredible water. Alone you can select one of the most famous and loved tourist sites. Bay Tamarino example is at the mouth of the eponymous river and offers incredible landscape and excellent conditions for surfing, as they generate giant waves throughout the year. On the beach Tombyu grow up many coconut palms.

Belle Mare and beach of blue are also among the favorite places holidaymakers. They will please you with crystal clear water and gorgeous sand. Other tourist attractions of Mauritius is the waterfall Chamarel. This is the highest waterfall 127 meters. Indigenous people make every effort to keep intact nature of Mauritius.

There are several natural parks such as Casela & Leisure Park where you can see yeah 150 species of birds and a variety of animals. Here are cared for mammals like lions and monkeys and impressive giant tortoises. Park has a variety of exotic plants.

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