The most important attractions in Maupiti

Maupiti pearl of the South Pacific is situated about 5700 km from the nearest continental land Australia. Maupiti is a true paradise on earth. The island is part of French Polynesia and is located less than 50 kilometers from the world's top destination Bora Bora.

The resemblance between the two islands is very large and you will often hear Maupiti called "the little sister of Bora-Bora." The difference is that Maupiti is still relatively little known tourist destination here, life is still subservient to the cycles of nature and the enchanting Tahitian culture.

The island is amazingly beautiful. The sharpened and eroded peak of a long-extinct volcano rises approximately 380 meters above the ocean surface, offering breathtaking 360 degree views in all directions. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Maupiti

Its slopes are covered with tropical rainforest and surrounded by coconut palms beach with fine coral sand is really white snow.

Several small and two narrow and elongated island with little elevation form a ring around the atoll Maupiti, forming a stunning lagoon with the purest and azure waters imaginable.

For lovers of diving and underwater photography this place is a dream come true. Underwater visibility is between 50 and 80 meters and a variety of colorful fish and coral is really huge. Water in the crystal clear lagoon are almost always calm with temperatures around 26-28 ° C.

Younger residents are more than 1,200 people and live in idyllic small towns like Valle, Pauma, Farauru and cock along the lagoon. Their way of life is connected with the sea and nature and is completely devoid of stress.

Coming here you will find out what they looked like places like Bora Bora before becoming world famous tourist destinations.

On Maupiti will not find crowds of tourists - just the opposite. Here you can enjoy peace and tranquility in abundance. Visitors of course there are, but their number is still small.

The island is virtually no nightlife. Activities. Maupiti is a great place for swimming, sunbathing, diving, photography, biking, long hikes through the island's interior, meal of fresh seafood and tropical fruit aroma and of course relaxing.

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