The most important attractions in Maui

Maui preferred destination of Hawaii, most beautiful island of the Hawaiian archipelago. One reason for this is Mount Haleakala 3055 meters.

To the very top there is an asphalt road that can help you climb early in the morning and watch the most beautiful sunset in Hawaii. Moreover, here you can see the neighboring islands of Hawaii, Lanai, Molokai and Kahoolawe. There are two scenic road that is collected in the city of Kahului.

In the southwestern part of the island you can watch the migration of humpback whales and if you keep on winding narrow road to the east will reach the small town of Hana.

The place is famous beach with black sand and ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. South of the town of Hana on an area of ​​265 hectares were built luxury small houses amidst tropical greenery. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Maui Hawaii

The reason to choose this place is its proximity to Kaihalulu beach. Nearby golf courses and steep cliffs. On the west coast of Maui is whaling village of Lahaina, which in the nineteenth century. Was very lively by hunters of whales.

There is also the Hawaiian King lived on the island. whole lot you can see it restored if the cost walk in the city. In the old town of Lahaina has art galleries, cafes and restaurants with Hawaiian food.

From small shops you can buy souvenirs from Hawaiian artists and gledade traditional hula dancing. Other beautiful beaches of Maui are Kaanapali beach on the west coast with a length of five kilometers and fine white sand. Actually here to practice all water sports including seaplane tour.

Few of Sevres of this place is Black Rock ideal for snorkelers and divers. Napier Bay is crowded with buildings to the beach, which is good if you are beachfront hotel because the evening will watch from the balcony beautiful sunsets in Hawaii.

The southern beaches in Maui can describe those who are in the area of ​​Kihei - Polo beach and Keawakupu Beach. Maluaka Beach is one of the least visited of the island and is convenient for solitude in nature.

Near the beach is Maui Prince Hotel and if you are lucky you can watch sea turtles that come to the beach in the evening. The rich tourist offer famous Makena beach, very big and in any case is not crowded even in summer.

Eastern beaches are not to be missed, although much of the coastline is rocky and volcanic. A characteristic feature is the variety of rock formations, which are best seen from the sea.

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