Tourist destination in the Caribbean - Martinique

Martinique is located in the Caribbean Sea and declared an overseas territory of France since 1674. The area of Martinique is very small, only 1128 km2, but that has not stopped the country to be visited by thousands of tourists decided to spend a vacation right here.

The largest city is Fort de France, which are concentrated all administrative functions on the island of Martinique. Like all the islands of archipelago Lesser Antilles climate here is tropical rains prevail from July to November. Even the attractions in Antigua and Barbuda and attractions in Barbados can not be compared with those of Martinique.

It was during this time is not advisable to organize a holiday in this area. The best time is from February to May, but then the prices of tourist services are highest.

Martinique was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502, and 200 years later began his settlement with slaves from Africa. Bookmark and Share

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Nice vacation of Martinique

After the abolition of slavery, most of them remain on the island, forming part of the population. Overall Martinique is very picturesque island offers tourists many interesting experiences.

At first beautiful beaches with white sand, coral reefs for those of you who want to dive into these shallow and very beautiful ornate gardens with colorful flowers.

Not accidentally tour operators call it the "Island of Flowers". Martinique can divide it into two areas.

Martinique a tourist paradise

The northern area is mountainous where is located the Pelee volcano 1397 meters. Tropical lush vegetation is prevalent in combination with small rivers cut-outs in the cliffs.

Ideal conditions for ecotourism. The southern part is flat, where the majority of the beaches and tourist attractions. This part is covered with mangrove forests, marvelous bays and offers an unforgettable nature holiday on the island of Martinique. Visit tropical botanical park Jardin De Balata and well-ordered palm garden for visitors La Savane.

On the island of of Martinique has many gardens full of hibiscus, orchids and bougainvillea. Will not be bored on this sunny Caribbean island, because we will offer any entertainment - horse riding, hiking, biking, boating and sailing, windsurfers, deep sea fishing, canoeing and snorkeling.

The choice is huge and the emotions you are guaranteed. As we were leaving the island of of Martinique, I will think again when you come in this paradise.

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