Attractions of Mariana Islands part of Micronesia

Attractions of Mariana Islands are not one of the most famous and most researchers in this Pacific region connecting them with the famous Mariana Trench. Mariana Islands are an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean, lying close to the Mariana Trench 11,022 meters - the deepest place on Earth.

A total of 15 volcanic islands with a total area of ​​coastline of 176 km. Marianas in the composition of Micronesia, the largest island of Guam. Although Guam is owned by the U.S., it has no right to participate in elections and has the status of unincorporated territory.

Sparsely populated island with 170,000 inhabitants, mainly to serve the U.S. military base to hit the Korean peninsula. In the region of the Mariana Islands have often typhoons, climate is tropical and humid. To the north, the island of Guam have coral character, and to the south with the highest volcanic peak Lamlam 407 meters. This remote destination for attractions in Europe and America is the perfect place for a wonderful vacation in the nature of the Mariana Islands. Bookmark and Share

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The most interesting attractions of Mariana Islands 

Here you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches to surf or dive among the coral.

Archipelago is visited by one million tourists mainly from Japan and USA. Most hotels and luxury resorts are located in the Bay of Tummo.

Be sure to visit the ancient city Agan ruins of the palace with its many stone statues resembling a cup of Latte.

There are 500 stone pillars which were probably used in rituals of the ancient Chamorro people inhabited the island.

Most popular attractions of Mariana Islands

Of course these people have disappeared over the centuries, but there are still ruins of that settlement. It has restored bamboo houses the remains of Baptist Church.

Although not a great long island of Guam has several eco cave including guessing most famous waterfall Talofofo, and walk around the hills Hamayang, Laplam and manganese.

Near the island of Guam is a small coral island of Cocos. It is an extensive barrier reef with many beautiful beaches and lagoons, unfortunately, for the most part it is private property.
Another interesting destination in the Northern Mariana Islands is an island of Saipan. Island developing rapidly since 1960 when it settled again. Garapan is the fastest growing city in all of Micronesia with special attractions for wealthy Japanese tourists.

The most interesting sight is the Grotto cave and its tunnels to the sea. Around the island of Saipan has a lot of abandoned ships of World War II, which were turned into an attraction for curious tourists.

For those tourists who want to dive a special destination Managaha Island. The location is preferred because of its proximity to the huge coral reef and most luxurious Grand Hotel Saipan.

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