Important attractions in Manuel Antonio National Park

With your back to the beaches of Costa Rica is located on Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. With an area of only 11.62 square kilometers this national park is the smallest, but the most popular in the country. Located right on the Pacific coast, some of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, just steps away from the resorts.

The destination is so popular that the park has limited the number of visitors to 600 per day, lest was worried about animals. Surrounded by fields and pastures, the national park is a green oasis of natural scenery and tranquility that support the rapidly developing tourist industry.

The mountains that overlook the ocean are a natural backdrop of perfect white beaches Espada Sur, Manuel Antonio, Escondido and Playa . Manuel Antonio National Park includes 12 small island into the ocean that are important for nesting seabirds. Bookmark and Share

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Nature in Manuel Antonio National Park

Island attraction represents Punta Catedral who overgrown with vegetation rocks rise to 72 meters height. To enter the heart of the cool, clean jungle passes a narrow forest paths and cross small streams.

From the hills to find the perfect views across the green of the jungle to the turquoise expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The most interesting inhabitants of the park are butterflies. There are a variety of birds, small red crabs. In the forests clamoring several species of monkeys.

Within the park is the center for rehabilitation and breeding of endangered species of birds and animals and return them back into the wild. Of tourists, it is recommended to leave the park to 16 hours, in order to avoid the danger of attack by animals.

Perhaps many travelers who were already in Costa Rica will advise you when you arrive in the country to spend the least possible time in its capital. Such advice is not groundless. The reason for this is that San Jose is not a beach, rainforest or mountain and are unlikely to displace other destinations of the planned vacation.

Impressive natural diversity has brought a unique way of such a small area - high mountain ranges, numerous volcanoes, long, untouched beaches along the Atlantic and Pacific coast and rich biodiversity.

About 25% of the land of Costa Rica are national parks or protected areas. This is the - the high percentage of protected land in the world. After visiting the national park Manuel Antonio, you can peek into the world of turtles in Tortuguero National Park and explore the different types of green sea turtles.

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