The most important attractions in Mangareva

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Mangareva island at the end of the world, located 1700km from Tahiti, part of French Polynesia. If you choose this destination you will certainly experience another type of vacation.

The reason is the great remoteness of the Gambier Archipelago, which also includes the islands of Taravai, Akamaru and several smaller islands protected by a beautiful atoll. Let someone wonder how the local population lives in such tranquility in the Pacific.

It is this boredom that visitors will inevitably infect you. The Gambier Archipelago is a great destination just for privileged people. The local population is extremely friendly and is ready to show you all the beauties on the island of Mangareva.

If you look at the photo gallery attached to this article, you will notice the great similarity of the lagoon's location with that of Bora Bora. There is also a high mountain where everything is visible. In clear weather there are truly amazing panoramic pictures of the Gambie Archipelago.

A good reason to stay here is the unique unspoiled nature of the symbiosis with the sea and the Polynesians inhabiting the islands. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Mangareva

The breathtaking lagoon and the high mountains are even more beautiful than the island of Tahiti. Coral reef and turquoise water with its inhabitants perfectly contrasts the surrounding green mountains.

Tourism is the main livelihood of the local population after fishing. The largest buildings are the few cathedrals built by the missionaries about 200 years ago. As the sacred books say, faith can move mountains. In Mangareva, however, this can be done with coral.

Saint-Michel Cathedral (1848) was renovated a few years ago and welcomed all devotees of Catholic religion and curious people from all over the world. To this we add only the high value of real pearls extracted from the natural mushroom farm in the clean lagoon.

There are 8 people working on this farm and they will show you the whole peeling process. Although the world market price has been low in recent years, it is still a profitable business.

The main attractions of the island of Mangareva are connected with the sea, including snorkeling, a goat farm visit, a lagoon boat trip and a relaxing beach break.

There is an eco path leading to the highest point on the island, of course if weather is favorable. If you want to visit these islands in the Pacific you will need to prepare a substantial amount of money.

From Haiti the sum is $ 1,000 in one direction. Yacht or catamaran travelers arrive here on their way to French Polynesia to conserve water and fresh fruit. And for all other friends on this blog we offer 10 photos from this beautiful place that we hardly will visit in this life.

Nearby destinations that we strongly recommend in this part of the Pacific are the Pitcairn island and Tahiti.

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