Malta destination in the Mediterranean

Malta destination in the Mediterranean an unexpected reward for the family. We went in March, before the "crown crisis" broke out, out of their top season (which means without the usual crowds of tourists), the weather was with us, sunny and relatively warm.
The first 3 days we slept in Sliema, in a hotel by the sea, with a great view of Valletta. We took a rent a car to go around the island, it's not a drama because in the second hour you get used to the return movement. Bookmark and Share

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Malta in the Mediterranean photogallery

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What can we do in Malta five days

We spent the other 2 days on the island of Gozo, which we liked even more, because of the total lack of people, beautiful unspoiled nature and just breathtaking views.

One of Malta's biggest attractions is Popeye the Sailor's Bay. Everyone has watched the animated film so we will not write details about it. The photo of the article is exactly from this place.

Since my wife was already 4 months pregnant, we were looking for a close and quiet destination with good food. There is not much to tell, you just have to visit this island. Once again we went somewhere without high expectations, and came back with unforgettable memories.

In the beautiful photo gallery you will see the amazing coastline of Malta and the neighboring island of Gozo. You do not need a guide to see all the most interesting. You can even ride a bike, because the area is very small and it is a kind of sport. So you will enjoy everything you came here for.

As the weather was not favorable for a beach we just walked to the most beautiful beaches in Malta.

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