Nature of Maldives, fairy tale destination for rich tourists

We begin our tour with an unique journey through the nature of Maldives, a place which most of us can only dream of and few actually visit. Maldives is a destination that will develop your imagination and expectations of even the biggest romantic souls will remain satisfied. Maldives are one of the most beautiful islands in Indian Ocean.

This is one of the highland areas of a land comprising 1,190 islands in the Indian Ocean. Not accidentally Maldives are one of the most attractive places to rest.

This luxury is everywhere, hotels are trying to require a higher standard of service they provide. The islands are grouped into 26 atolls, each being a separate self.

Holiday at the beach is guaranteed, as the sand is fine, white and crystal blue water. Maldives is the lowest country on the planet - only two meters above sea level. Many are vulnerable to ocean, and the last hurricane that inflicted great damage was in 2004.

One of the attractions in nature of Maldives is scuba diving.

As the water of the Indian Ocean is very clear, before you will discover fabulous views of the marine life in these latitudes. Be careful of sharks and other predators lurking constantly. Male is the capital of the Maldives and it's the only place that feels civilization (if you're sad about it). Bookmark and Share

Amazing nature of Maldives photo gallery

Maldives atol
Maldives amazing beach
Maldives bungalow
Male Maldives capitol
Maldives house in water
Maldives little island
Maldives resorts
Maldives tourism view
Maldives luxury tourism
Maldives tourism resort

Nature of Maldives gathered in 26 atolls

Actually the hotels on the islands look like small houses built over the water and grouped as a small pile settlement.

All windows overlooking the ocean and the sun, the goal is to put aside all of the land and civilization.

This way the guests feel the breeze and burning sun.

Nature of Maldives and it's atolls isn't night clubs for tourists who choose this country want solitude and relaxation.

The aim is to hoteliers, guests get what they paid, namely romance, sun, water and be happy.

Tourism is the main livelihood of the Maldives from 1972 and represented 30% of gross domestic product. Another 30% are the livelihoods of local people - fishing. Maldives is a very lonely place in the world, and the nearest land is Sri Lanka's 700 km.

The most visited island is Sunny islands and atolls are quite close to each other, so it may well in a small speedboat to patrol.

Maldives is a favorite destination for rich tourists, most hotels are five and six star and price as a week-long holiday is around 2000 euros.

Maldives can be visited all year round because the climate is tropical.

Half a million people each year visit the exoticism of this truly enchanting place on earth. Most of the islands in the archipelago are under one kilometer long. Distances are also small and therefore can easily switch between the island and feel free to browse.

To each set of luxury homes in the water there is a restaurant on the beach, which has incredibly delicious cuisine. There are mainly seafood. If you do hire a seaplane and air tour over the island group, you will find that thatched roofs of their houses to tourists blend well into the nature of Maldives. In this way the equilibrium of nature.

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