Beautiful and amazing attractions in Malaysia

Beautiful and amazing attractions in Malaysia, a country with a unique scenery with several cultures playing a role in its development. The country is located in southeastern Asia, located mainly on two large islands this makes it a fabulous paradise for anyone to visit. Millions of tourists from around the world come to Malaysia to see the exotic mix of flora and fauna in Malaysia’s mountain ranges that are covered in tropical, lush vegetation and sparkling rivers.

Malaysia has a long  beach coastline with fine white sand and beautiful warm water. Coral reefs are covered with colorful marine life and it  is a great place to go underwater scuba diving.

The population of this remote country is a mix of ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations that are extremely hospitable and many people speak English. Visit ancient temples in Melaka, Mausoleum Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur, Mahsuri Tomb, Kuana Yin Temple, and Hang Li Poh Well. Bookmark and Share

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Tourist attractions in Malaysia

The most popular destination is Kuala Lumpur with its new developments, especially with the pride of Malaysian “Petronas Twin Towers.”

Do not miss the Batu Caves and bird park in Kuala Lumpur. Take a tour of Singapore and vist the very famous statue of Merliona, which is the symbol of Singapore. If you love to walk the streets aimlessly I suggest you look at “Chinatown” and the cultural center of Singapore.

Here you will experience the city’s past with its markets, narrow streets and numerous temples. One of the attractions in Malaysia is the interesting Chinese temple – Thiang Hong Keng Temple. Kuala Lumpur is another spectacular destination amoung the many attactions in Malaysia. Here I recommend you do a tour in the Golden Triangle, Independence Square, The Royal Palace, and the Maginot Yamek. For a really great time in this exotic country I recommend the unforgettable one-day trip to Malacca.

This city has many attractions in Malaysia, the church “St. Paul’s” Gate, “Santiago” City Hall and of course the oldest Chinese temple “Chen Juan.” Tourists can partake in practically all sports ranging from rocking climbing, golf and deep sea fishing. Local cuisine, like Chinese and Thai is very spicy. The main ingredients are fish, white rice and meat.

Coconuts are served for an addition to the main dish, which is usually sheep meat. The most popular rest in Malaysia is Penang Island.

There’s a real wealth of Buddhist temples, luxurious beaches, and an attractive kitchen.

The recommended time to visit is from November to March, during the dry season. Other interesting destinations are attractions in Borneo, attractions in Pulau Langkawi and attractions such as the water park in Sunway Lagoon.

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