Landmarks of Malawi - part of Africa

Natural landmarks of Malawi are very varied starting from the beautiful mountains which have an average height of 1,000 meters and reach the incredibly beautiful Lake Malawi. Lake gives life to many plant and animal species are protected.

Malawi country is inland, but the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean is only 200 km., Which somewhat affects the climate in this beautiful country. Population is extremely poor, which can thrive on fishing and farming. Beautiful sights of Malawi can see anywhere, as long as you are well prepared for this really interesting destination.

Of course it is good to know that there are many tropical diseases that annually take thousands of victims. If you are hikers recommend an amazing trip to the highest peak in Malawi, which is located southwest near the border with Mozambique.

Called peak Sapitwa 3002 meters of mount Mulanje. In the landmarks of Malawi may include five national parks: National Park Nyika, National Park Liwonde, National Park, Kasungu, Lengwe National Park and Lake Malawi. Bookmark and Share

Landmarks of Malawi photo gallery

amazing Park Liwonde Malawi
Malawi lake park
attractions in Malawi
Liwonde park in Malawi
Mulanje Mount in Malawi
Mulanje park Malawi
National Park Nyika Malawi
Kasungu park Malawi
Lengwe park Malawi
picture Malawi Park Nyika

Short guide to landmarks of Malawi

Only here you can see the protected species of antelope Nyala. The reason for this biodiversity is subequatorial cool moist climate in which falls Malawi.

There are places where the temperature reaches 50 degrees, it is most often in the savannahs. Lake Malawi begins Shire River, which flows into the downstream of the river Zambezi. Also from Lake Malawi begins very famous Rift Valley of Africa continent.

The nature of this beautiful and vast country filled with many surprises, very similar attractions in Tanzania and of course attractions in Zambia. These two countries are adjacent to Malawi with similar cultures and natural landmarks.

It was here were filmed most popular science films about the rich flora and fauna in the area. If you intend, however, to dare to visit this distant country is good to know that from November to April is the rainy season and temperatures drop to 10 ° C.

Landmarks of Malawi - Flora and Fauna

Organize your safari with an experienced guide and practice in natural parks you can see all the predators that inhabit savannas of Africa. These are lions, leopards, hyenas, jackals and many others.

Of herbivores found in great abundance buffaloes, zebras, wildebeest, rhinos and more. Feathered world greatest interest is the vulture. In Lake Malawi can easily observe kingfishers how fish and many species of herons. Protected by UNESCO is province Chongoni Rock Art, because there are rock paintings found in humans since the Stone Age.

The traditional food of the population is associated with maize and sorghum variety called "nshima." The official language is English and the movement of vehicles on the left side.

You need to be vaccinated against tropical diseases, especially malaria. Watch out for poisonous insects and reptiles are abundant in these latitudes.

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