The most visited landmarks in Georgia USA

One of the major landmarks in Georgia USA is nature in all its shapes. Georgia is located in the southeastern part of the United States, bordered by Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee.

The state has 63 parks and protected areas, most of which are available year round for tourists, 15 of them are also historical landmarks. Somehow, most electronic media and travel agencies put one of the biggest landmarks in Georgia USA built by human attractions.In this article we will focus only on the natural attractions that can rival the big architectural attractions in Georgia. From northeast to southwest mountain passes Blue Ridge, which enters the Appalachian mountain chain. Many of these mountains cover the area of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Georgia USA

The area is popular for its beautiful landscapes and deciduous forests, which are nice to walk by bike or on foot. In an eco-path can visit waterfalls cascade Hawthorne. Another interesting landmark is Rock city Chattanooga. Located on the border between the states of Alabama, Tennessee and Giordano.

In a previous article we wrote on the site for this attraction, which is part of landmarks in Tennessee. We wandered among the biggest attractions in Georgia US lakes and rivers. In the northern part of the state between the cities of Gainesville and Gumming is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Georgia - lake Sidney Lanier.

Because it is quite shallow lake during the dry season the water level decreases and creates many problems for water supply in the area. Lake Hartwell, located in the northeastern part of the state of Georgia and is deep throughout the year. Many visited the lake by anglers fishing for herring in the summer and make your camping and winter drill holes in the ice.

Panola Mountain, a national landmark 288 meters above sea level, located on the River South. Built a small trail, including beautiful Lake Alexander. Old Fort Jackson, a national historical landmark, located in one of the banks of the Savannah.

Represents the oldest fortress built entirely of bricks and used to defend the city of Savannah from attack by sea. Fort Pulaski National Monumen, fortification of the island Cockspur, played an important role during the civil war in 1862.

It is interesting to note that during the restoration of the fortress deliberately left traces of cannon hits a brick wall. It is to be noted that the coastal zone of the Atlantic Ocean is a wild place untouched by human activity.

There could easily build a tent and spend a quiet holiday. Such a place is the island of Cumberland Island and St. Catherine.

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