Beautiful Nature of Thassos island

Main tourist attractions in Thassos are not different from other Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. It is very convenient and inexpensive place for tourism, the climate is mild Mediterranean. Even the ancient physician Hippocrates lived three years of Thassos is left valuable information about climate and life in these lands.

The island has approximately circular and in the middle mountain rises to a height of 1200 meters. Thassos proximity to mainland Greece is a great convenience for people who want to spend a weekend at sea. What impression remains of people visited this historic place? First quiet beaches and clean sea, beautiful nature and of course preserved traditions passed millennia.

There are several historical landmarks of Thassos. We start our virtual tour of Agora, the most important historical site in Thassos. It is an ancient complex of monuments and temples, which unfortunately we can see only outlines. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Thassos island

This is due to the destruction of invaders over the centuries and Byzantine basilica, which was built with materials from Agora. Over Agora is the Ancient Theatre of Thassos, a magnificent architectural creation. It was used in the past for various cultural events and some of the people sitting stone seats have carved names, which means that they were reserved for certain visitors.

Ancient Theatre of Thassos is used today for major cultural events. Archaeological Museum of Thassos, this is a place you should definitely visit. Located in the center of the city, the collection has many exhibits dating from the time of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, many of the historical heritage is exported abroad - in the Louvre. Kalogeriko, located in the old port of Thassos, stone house converted into a museum.

Several times a year here show traveling exhibitions of Greek and foreign artists. Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, built on a cliff above the sea. The view of the sea landscape is unique, and sunrise is fabulous. The place is as charismatic Christianity for pilgrims and hobby photographers. Monastery of St. Michael was built in the mid eighteenth century.

And clarification can add that convent 25 km from Limenas. One of the most valuable religious artifacts is a nail from the crucifixion of Christ. For those of you who love the sea can write that about every village has a beautiful beach. The best of them are about Limenas Paradise Beach, a good place for swimming and windsurfing, Limenaria beach - a popular place for family holidays because of the proximity of many hotels at affordable prices.

Makriamos beach - convenient beach, about which there are luxury bungalows in the woods. The proximity of this beach to the capital Limenas just a few kilometers makes it the most attractive of Thassos. There are all kinds of water attractions. Alyki Beach one of small in size places for rest in Aegean Sea.

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