The most important attractions in Tinos

Main landmarks of Tinos Island, located very close to the southernmost point of Andros island. This is the island dedicated to Our Lady, where in August arrive believers who go to worship in her church in search of mercy and the fulfillment of their prayers.

As August 15 approaches, the church and Tinos are filled with people; Religious services are being performed, and in the neighboring streets a trade fair is held. The mountain range with the highest peak Tskhinia (in the myths known as the home of the god Aeolus winds) rises along the island.

At the lower slopes walls divide the terraced fields. Tinos's shores are mostly steep, but they also have numerous ... sandy beaches or pebbles. Among the main features that characterize the island of Tinos are pigeon nests.

These pigeon-made pigeons have become a work of art blended in the stone fountains in nearby populated areas that have been inspired by this formation. Tinos, the capital of the island and port, is the city where most of the population is concentrated.

A wide street leads from the harbor to the hill where the church of Our Lady rises majestically. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Tinos

Built in 1823. With a marble from the city of Paros and the city of Tinos, where an icon of the Virgin Mary is found, the church looks today at the city. Next to the church is the Art Gallery of artists from Tinos island and Greek artists of the modern times, which has a very interesting and impressive collection.

Nearby is the Archaeological Museum with finds from the sanctuary of Poseidon and the Amphitries (Kyion Beach) and remains of the Geometric funeral (town of Ekso Meriya).

In the city of Xombergo you can enjoy the ruins of a medieval castle, on the southern side of which are the sanctuaries of Dimitra and Persephone. The interior of the island is poorly influenced by the development of the tourist industry, where 45 villages have preserved their traditional characteristics and typical vernacular architecture.

It is worth visiting the following villages: Volax - with the strange stones that make it an exceptional phenomenon; Kardiani and Istria - with beautiful sea views; Pyrgos - one of the most lively places of the Cyclades. A museum dedicated to the great Greek sculptor Hallepas (Museum of Tianian Artists), which is a branch of the School of Arts, is famous for its numerous works of marble sculptors.

Among the monasteries of the island, which are built in picturesque places, stands the one in Kechrovouni (The Mother of Angels), you can also visit the Xinaria Catholic Cathedral. At your disposal are the numerous beaches - Kionia, Porto, Panorama, Kolimbira, Sostis and Pahia Amos.

The beauty of Tinos island gradually builds and imposes its name. Although tourism infrastructure outside the capital is poorly built, development in the future is also expected.

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