The most important attractions in Tilos

Main landmarks of Tilos are only about ten kilometers away from the Turkish coast and about two hours from Rhodes Island. The island of Tilos or better known as the island of herbs provides us with impressive excursions and has many surprises for visitors. Deep is the historical contribution of the island, with the remains of elephant dwarfs found in a cave dated from 100,000 to 150,000 years.

The cave is closed, but volunteer Mrs. Vicky is ready to inform you of all the island's attractions and you can search for it at the Megalo Horio Municipal Information Office.

For the Hellenistic period, they remind. The fortress, which is bent over Megalo Horio, and where you can go for 30 minutes on a path with a unique view. The involvement of local authorities is invisible because the fortress is not even illuminated in the evening. The necropolis of Hellenistic years, which is situated around the monastery of Virgin Mary Kamariani. The Byzantine period followed by 4 magnificent models.

Monastery of Saint Panteleimon, built at the end of the Aegean Sea, between the steep slopes and rocks, which at sunset reveal a unique view. When you arrive, you will find an oasis with walnuts, pines and abundant waters, between the peaks of Kriallos and Profitis Ilias, which are the highest on the island. The monks' cells are modest, and the church of Saint Panteleimon is decorated with a unique wooden altar. The holiday is on July 27th. Bogoroditsa Politistis, which celebrates on August 23, and is closed for believers in the rest of the time. Bookmark and Share

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The Monastery of Virgin Mary Kamariani. The Archangel Monastery in Megalo Horio with a unique floor of small pebbles and an altar from the 18th century, made by craftsmen from Smyrna. In the same style are the icons of the monastery. There are 3 traditional settlements on the island. But it only retained its appearance after it was abandoned in the 60s of the 20th century.

The stone houses are in harmony with nature. There are 32 beaches on the island, most of which are only a short walk away. Apart from the beaches of Eristu and Livadi, and the smaller Plaka, where you can reach by car, the others challenge you to reach them by going along the paths covered by the aroma of sage, marjoram, thyme and savory. You reach a beach with small pebbles, separated by a cliff. We recommend you go back to sunset and walk in the moonlight. Be careful because there is only one sign.

Livadi-Loutro. The trail starts at Hotel ILLYDIROCK. The view is magical - you will see from high 2-3 inaccessible bays until you reach Red Beach, bearing its name due to the color of the sand. Then return to the central aisle and continue to Letro, a very nice beach with scattered trees. You will also see the island of Gaidaros and the deserted shores of Turkoyali and Strongilo.

Livadi-Gera-Madziaa - Starting from Livadi, from Saint John's Church, you will reach the abandoned settlement of Gera in 50 minutes. You will return about 50 years ago when the settlement was filled with life. Today it is just a landmark. From there in about 20 minutes you will reach Madzia, at the eastern end of the island, from where you can see Halki, Simi, Rhodes and the Asia Minor coast. Gera-Agios Sergios - Difficult walk inside the island, in places without signs. The walk will pay off when you reach the magical beach Agios Sergios.

Micro Horio Tolo - From Micro Horio about 5 km. with the car the Tolo trail begins. The route is relatively easy and the beach is wonderful. Megalos Horio - The Italian Observatory - The route reminds you of the war and the Italian conquerors, but climbing you will see the idyllic picture of the whole island, and when there is good visibility - and quite a few of the Dodecanese islands.

There are other hiking routes, but you need experienced drivers. According to the locals, one of them starts from the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon and after 3 hours to Eressu beach. Where can you stay?

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