The most important attractions in Spetses

The main attractions of Spetses, this bohemian paradise was a very hot spot in the 1960s when it was host to Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Spetses is a small oval island located near the Argolis peninsula. It attracts tourists with a beautiful, crystal clear line, traditional colors, legendary history.

Driving cars in the city are forbidden, and common views are horse-drawn carriages walking around the city. Spetses is a Greek island known as one of the most colorful islands. The glory of the island is from the past, because Spetses thunders the first rifles that started the Greek national liberation struggle in 1821. Spetses is located in close proximity to Athens and has long been an attraction for its inhabitants. So far, the glory of the island is not over. Spice attracts its visitors with unique architecture, restaurants, yachts and sea taxis, which create the famous color of Spetses.

Spetses enjoy their visitors with unique architecture, streets that do not move cars, but only carriages, bicycles and bikes, restaurants, yachts, sea taxis, nice weather and calm and clean sea water. Against Spetses, on the coast of the Peloponnese, is the Greek Riviera where the villas of the richest Greek families are located. In addition to all the benefits, Spetses has to thank for his glory and his nature. The good weather and the calm and clean seawater make the stay there quite complete.

Hotel Poseidon is one of the historic sights of the island of Spetses. It offers rooms in the Bel Epoque style and features a spa. Island Spetses is calm and charming. Spice is still an ornament of the Argosaronic Gulf. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Spetses

The small island of oval shape is located near the Argolis peninsula, to the right of the entrance to Argosaronic Bay, 50 miles from Piraeus. Its area is only 22.5 sq. Km. Its length is 4 miles and the width is 2.5. The perimeter of his bay line is 11 miles.

The island is crossed by mountain ranges, the highest peak is Profitis Ilias, 245 meters high. A beautiful, crystal clear line, traditional colors, legendary history and, above all, the city of Spetses with its improvement, attracts thousands of tourists to the island. Green waves of pine trees covering the island, down to the sea. In ancient times, it was called Pitius, ie. covered with pine trees.

Despite the fact that in the past the island many times affected by fires, here in the beautiful state of conservation vegetation. Magnificent views are revealed from the mountain ridge with the original name "Hunting Meetings" on the top of Profitis Ilias. Here are grown olives, grapes, grains, almonds, figs.

The main products produced on the island are olives, olive oil, some products of animal origin. The population is engaged in fishing and seafaring. Spice boasts scenic villages and changing terrain - pine-tree areas alternate with beaches, rocky shores and mountain ranges. It offers both a quiet and lively bustle of cosmopolitan life. Spice and famous for your nightlife. Island charms the beauty of nature, picturesque bays.

Because of its proximity to the Peloponnese coastline, with its ancient monuments, rich in tourist infrastructure, beautiful beaches and picturesque bays that is one of the first to become a favorite holiday spot in the first place, the Athenians who enjoy the tranquility and carefree vacation, and foreign tourists, especially Englishmen. The island has its own, unique atmosphere. Do not be surprised if you suddenly face your eyes with celebrities from the show business world, politicians and even members of royal families. In 2010, here was the wedding of the prince Prince Nicholas of Greece. The island's business card - the road and the sidewalk with a rich and varied mosaic of pebbles. At the beginning of September on an island for a week is held the festival "Arma" which is a historic sea battle simulation specialists, which defeated Turks in 1822.

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