The most important attractions in Folegandros

The main landmarks of Folegandros are one of the lesser known Cycladic islands, which has gained great popularity over the past few years but is still not widely visited by tourists.

It is located between Milos, Sikinos and Santorini and is only by ferry. The island is small and there are only a few settlements - Folegandros or Chora (the main village), Karavostasis (the port of the island), the old village of Ano Meria and the beach resort of Agali.

There is a regular bus service from the harbor to the other villages, as well as car and motorbike rental. The center of Chora is closed for cars and an interesting place for a walk. Hotels, guest houses and restaurants are concentrated in Karavostasis, but there are authentic little cafes and taverns in Chora.

Folegandros is a bare and rocky island, but from Chora and the surrounding area you can see impressive sea views. The relief of Folegandros is varied, including high rocks and large caves. The island's main settlement is built on the edge of a 200-meter steep hill. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Folegandros

An interesting place to visit is the Panagia (Virgin Mary) Temple, built on the top of a hill over Chora and said to be the highest point on the island. Most of the beaches of Folegandros are only accessible by sea or by foot. Here is a list of the most famous of them:

- Karavostasis - a beach with small pebbles and shallow water right next to the harbor

- Vardia - a rocky bay to Karavostasis, a large sand with gravel

- Livadi - the island's most famous beach, sandy and accessible by car
- Agkali - aroused for the most beautiful beach of Folegandros, a soft sandy strip between high rocks (accessible by car)

- Agios Nikolaos - secluded and quiet bay, accessible by boat or by foot from Agalai (about 30-minute walk)

- Cathergo - a very exotic beach with large pieces of rocks in the water (accessible by boat)

- Vincenzo / Latinaki / Puntachi - three adjacent rocky coves in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKaravostasis, the road passes right above them, but to get to the beaches, downhill steep paths

Folgandros definitely has nothing to do with the neighboring island of Santorini. Here you will not see buildings higher than 2 floors, no cruise ships landed at the harbor, no boutiques and fashionable restaurants.

On this island, which is part of the Cyclades, you will find waves rushing into the rocky beaches, goats sinking over hilly places, and old windmills that rotate from the wind. To reach Folegandros take a flight to Santorini and then by ferry to the island.

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