The most important attractions of Skyros

Main attractions of Skyros the southernmost island in the Aegean Sea. Its population is just over 3,000 people located in an area about 209 kmĀ². The northern part of the island is covered with forest, while the southern part is bare and rocky.

Capital and largest city on the island is also called Skyros, but the port, which is important for the island of Skyros Linaria is on the west coast. What we can see the island of Skyros? Medieval castle from the time of the power of Venice from the 13th to 15th century Byzantine monastery "St. George", located on a hill above the town of Skyros and a military base on the Greek naval forces.

These are seemingly only historical sites on the island of Skyros, but do not forget the small quiet coves covered with fine sand, warm waters of the Aegean Sea in summer and small whitewashed one and two storey hotels. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions of Skyros

The island is suitable for family holidays and vacations for singles, a favorite place for couples and people who love nature. This unique Greek island can enchant you with a pleasant and romantic vacation without any shine with luxury conditions as attractions of Zakynthos and landmarks on Corfu.

In the southern part of this heavenly place has blue caves. Here you can dive with snorkel without a problem, because the water is very clean and clear. Skyros island is home to a unique breed of wild ponies under one meter high. Can be seen outside the settlements in the interior of the island. Which beaches worth seeing. The first beach is located close to Linaria in Kalamitsa.

Long beach covered with small stones. There is a tavern and several restaurants near the beach. Achilli bay and the small harbor for fishing boats and yachts. Here you can buy fresh Mediterranean fish or simply swim in the beach to the port.

The city of Skyros in the eastern part of the island of the same name is the best place for shopping or just to stroll along the narrow stone streets. Besides the small eateries have enough studios for handmade souvenirs. North of the city there are several lonely beaches that have no names and there is no asphalt road, but with good will can walk before sunset.

Also can better spend your summer cycling on deserted coast of the island of Skyros. There is ample comfortable seating without being disturbed by pesky paparazzi. Such quiet areas are in Kira Panagia, Atsitsa and Agios Fokas. Also a good option is a tour on a yacht or motor boat throughout the entire island and the opportunity to continue their journey to the neighboring islands in the Aegean Sea.

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