The most important attractions of Naxos

Main attractions of Naxos are part of the attractions of the Cyclades islands. Actually it is the largest island of this island group of Greece in the Mediterranean. Naxos is a favorite spot for families or couples. Small towns are crowded with tourists during the summer.

Here you can drink good Greek wine in a small restaurant or just walking along the narrow steep cobbled streets. Everywhere there are historical monuments from the time of ancient Greece and then by Byzantium. Naxos attracts many adventurers who prefer to make kiteboarding in the deserted southern beaches. What are the main attractions of Naxos will understand if you read the rest of this exciting article. We begin with the unfinished Temple of Apollo, which is located near the main port of the island of Naxos. There preserved stone gate of Apollo, built by two columns covered with beam, which can take a picture at sunset. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions of Naxos

Special attention will spend the temple of Demeter, which is located about 60 km southeast of Naxos. In fact, people lived in the period from the eighth to the third century BC are founders of architecture in ancient Greece. The island offers opportunities for hiking in scenic routes.

If you rent a bike you will be able to tour the inside of Naxos and keep good memories of nature here. The most beautiful scenery can shoot in good weather. Of course the main attraction is the sea and the beautiful beaches. Diving is easy and there is plenty to see.

Rock formations, underwater preshteri and small scattered chaotic Aegean islands waiting to be visited. The most famous beach is Agios Prokopios. Even here there is a diving school and many water sports. Eastern part of the island of Naxos is rocky, but you can find small bays with pleasant conditions for a romantic holiday.

For example, we recommend Bay Lionas or possibly Bay Apollona. Make yourself comfortable in small hotels around these places and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. The most beautiful bay is Drimalia and Agiassos. Suitable beaches for swimming and water sports are: Mikri Vigla, Pirgaki, Plaka Beach, Psiliamos and Paquita Amos.

Agriculture is well developed. Grown olives, lemons and grapes. Even without tourism Naxos can withstand these crops. Local people are mostly settlers from the nearby landmarks in Crete, which carry with them the culture and crafts.

Delicious Mediterranean cuisine large number of ancient monuments and the quiet setting evening are a prerequisite for the thousands of tourists year-round to visit the island of Naxos. They are also nearby attractions of Mykonos and Paros, which we wrote in previous articles.

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