The most important attractions in Cebu Island

Main attractions of Cebu Island Philippines, a unique combination of large animals. An exciting diving trip to the tropical attractions of the Philippines - Cebu Island. Small remote island which is just visible on the map, white sandy beaches, clean and warm waters with excellent visibility, exotic resort spa and restaurant on the beach under the shade of giant coconut palms, numerous staff and most importantly: it is the only place the world where the meeting with Thresher shark / Fox shark / guaranteed and the chance of swimming alongside giant coats reaching six meters, hammerhead sharks and beloperesti sharks in the beautiful coral gardens is very high.

In addition to this great food, but as a bonus: a world-class excellent river! We got up early because we were expecting a trip to Cebu Island, where we would have a close encounter with the largest shark-whale. For that, we had to catch a ferry from the port of Sibulan to Liloan on Cebu Island. After arriving at Liloan, our first job was to find where the buses to Cebu City were starting from.

Their route runs through Oslob, where we would go down. It's easy because the bus stop is right next to the harbor. The place where whale shark monitoring is conducted is the village of Tan-awan and is located about 10 km from the center of Oslob. We had asked the driver to stop exactly where the boats were leaving. In fact, every hotel in the front has written that there is a whale shark monitoring. In fact, the boats leave only one place and the only thing they do from the hotels in question is to commit to transporting you to the place itself, for a fee of course. Because we had read about these things, we just moved 100 yards further and we found in front of official entrance. Bookmark and Share

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Oslob is about a 2.5-hour bus ride from Cebu's main city. And to Cebu there are flights from Manila several times a day, so it is quite possible to visit the place as a one-day excursion without having to spend the night on the island. Initially, only the locals were aware of this attraction, but later gained world-wide popularity. If you have free time and you are in Cebu city, you have the opportunity to visit the attractions of Olango Island, surely do it because you will not regret it. Observation can only be done from 06:00 to 13:00 in the morning, but it is best to go as early as possible to avoid crowds. The largest specimens reach over 12 meters in length. Despite its size, the whale shark is completely safe as it is not a predator, it feeds on plankton and various small fish. Of course there is a possibility for diving, but I did not care what the prices are. We listened to the brief instructions on how to behave when one of the giant beings passed by us and headed for the boat. The experience is about half an hour, but it is definitely one of the most memorable in my life.

After we finished with the whale sharks, we had the whole day before we headed to Cebu where we had to spend the night. We had two options - to visit nearby Tumalog Falls or to hang on some beach. As I mentioned earlier, we had suitcases, and working with the waterfall would have been difficult.

In fact, it was the beach of a villa, but it could also be visited by outsiders for a fee. We did not have barbecue or picnic products, so we ordered sandwiches and beer from the villa's restaurant. They brought us our favorite Filipino beer, but in a cut that we had not seen before. For mountain lovers we offer Mount Babag climbing. The road to the top of the mountain is not difficult and even inexperienced mountaineers can handle this challenge. There you can take a few panoramic photos of Cebu Philippines if the weather is clear. Another possibility for hiking is the Sirao Peak in the Kan-Irag Mountain.

From here you can see the entire city of Cebu. As already mentioned, there are several waterfalls on Cebu Philippines, but the most beautiful I think is Kawasan Falls. This waterfall is a favorite spot for most of the island's residents and also has additional attractions in this area such as mountain trekking, rock climbing, canyoning and jumping from Kawasan Falls. There are a few more like Cambais and Cancalanog Falls, but they will write in the next article.

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