The most interesting and beautiful attractions in Mykonos

Main attractions in Mykonos can see anywhere on this beautiful spot in the Aegean Sea. The main town on the island also says Mykonos, famous for its architecture, nightlife and small souvenir shops. The emblem of the island of Mykonos windmills are arranged in series to each other.

Be sure to try the fish dishes in small restaurants along the promenade. Probably you will notice the color of the houses, which are completely white, as most of them have one or two floors. They are so close together that confuse tourists and they are lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets.

This is good for the island, because in this way, tourists manage to buy more things from small shops and eat delicious treats specially prepared for them. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Mykonos island

During the summer months you can accidentally see famous people from show business and millionaires. Interesting atmosphere and nightlife desirable place for young people.

Marine attractions in Mykonos can mention for windsurfing, water skiing and parasailing even a jeep safari. Main attractions in Mykonos are: Petros the Pelican, Windmills, Paraportiani Church, Alefkandra Square, Archaeological Museum, amphitheater and others.

The most interesting beaches of Mykonos are: Paradise famous techno-parties, beach Leah quiet place for lovers and Agrarian less popular beach but very clean and quiet.

As Mykonos is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, tourists can travel to nearby islands, even to Athens by boat or ferry. Popular destinations Tinos, Rhodes, Naxos and others.

For wealthy tourists have the opportunity to come to the island by plane. It is good to know that if you want to view detailed Mykonos do not have to rent a car because the road is very busy and has a lot of traffic jams.

Even the authorities of the island during the summer months, prohibit the movement of motor of vehicle. A good option is to rent a small motor scooter type.

Especially young people prefer this method of propulsion, which sometimes cost them because of minor injuries that are inserted between the cars. Such problems have other Greek islands of Santorini island and attractions on Astypalaia, but tourism exceptions.

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