Interesting and beautiful attractions in Mississippi

The most interesting attractions in Mississippi are west of the Mississippi River and bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Extremely flat state covered by lowlands with an average altitude of about 90 meters.

Besides the Mississippi River there are several major rivers such as the River Pascagoula, river Tombigbee, Pearl River and of course Lake Ross Barnett Reservoir, Sardis Lake, Arkabutla Lake and Grenada Lake.

The coastline includes bays St. Louis and Pascagoula, and the islands belonging to the state of Mississippi Petit Bois Island, Cat Island, Horn Island, Deer Island, Round Island and Ship Islands. Mississippi River Delta is rich in soil and silt often bay surrounding lowlands.

We start our tour around the main sights in Mississippi with Flint creek water park. Park is located near Wiggins in the center, which has a very beautiful lake. Bookmark and Share

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Beautiful attractions in Mississippi

There during the summer months you can swim or go fishing. Camping, barbecue and outdoor walk part of the attractions in Flint creek water park.

Percy Quin State Park, a small park with good conditions for fishing and boating. Within the park is Lake Tangipahoa, and next to it there are 18 holes of golf.

Natchez National Historical Park, located on the west to the Mississippi River. You can make a Sunday stroll to the two-storey house in Melrose classic Greek style building typical of southern home before the Civil War. More can see Fort Rosalie, but can not see it and William Johnson House.

Trace State Park, one of the most well-maintained parks with the most attractions for tourists. The park offers camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and golf. Within the park is located Trace Lake. Lyceum Circle Historic District, a historic area with many buildings in the shape of Oxford. The most interesting of these buildings is Lyceum Building.

This is the oldest building in the complex and is now used for offices of the university administration. Ventress Hall, the most beautiful building in the area, called Y Building. Bryant Hall, formerly housed the library of the university, and now is a center for arts and subsidiaries in philosophy, religion and classics.

Peabody Hall, Ventress Hall, Carrier Hall and the Old Chemistry Building will not dwell particularly because they have other units in the structure of the University of Oxford. Good conditions for tourism and recreation can be found in Enid Lake and Sardis lake.

Besides fishing boat you can drive or walk around freely in the area. Good panoramas can do if you are traveling in Riverton Rose Trail.

Similar experiences that you have proposed can be found in neighboring tourist attractions in Louisiana and attractions in Alabama.

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