The most important attractions in Menorca

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Main attractions in Menorca, competing equally with the other Balearic Islands. Menorca is located approximately 200 km from mainland Spain and 40 km east from the largest island of Majorca. Unlike Ibiza and Majorca who are destinations for young travelers, Menorca is suitable for families with children.

Therefore it remains slightly off the offerings of tour operators. In other words, that special group of people seeking privacy and tranquility. On the other hand Menorkae the greenest of all the Balearic Islands. You may encounter coniferous pine forests, subtropical shrubs and date palms.

The reason for this greenery is more humid climate than other places. The active tourist season starts in early May and ends late October month. Mediterranean climate is humid and temperatures are steady between 20 ° C to 28 ° C.

Menorca will enchant you with its beauty and irresistible charm. Here there are no big beaches and hotels do not reach more than a few floors. As we wrote beaches, we should mention that in the north there are those who are lonely and can safely sunbathe naked.

The reason for this is desert terrain and lack of infrastructure. In the past, the island has been under authority of pirates and smugglers who were hiding in Son Saura, so we recommend this very lonely beach. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Menorca

Another similar beach is Cala Macarella bay and Macarelleta. To the north is Algaiarens beach and lighthouse Cap de Favaritx. We encourage you to explore the island by boat and diving in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Underwater fishing is very well developed. Excellent conditions for playing golf at Club de Golf Son Park in the central part.

If you are not lazy can just rent a bike and explore the island of Menorca for several days, you will not escape any place. The tour of the island is under 100 km so it will not be a problem even to rent a scooter. The highest point is Monte El Toro, a small hill with a height of only 358 meters. Like Rio de Janeiro and there is a statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arms.

Local people believe that this statue keep the island from betstviya. Note that large settlements lacking. Most cities are spread evenly at the ends of the island, the total population is about 90,000 people.

The largest cities are Maon and Ciutadella, but we can not call large cruise ships because the ports are small and serve local boats and yachts. Medieval architecture in combination with pleasant, unpretentious cafes in small squares make this island the ideal place to relax.

If you're into wildlife and ecotourism have to go to the northern part of the island. Unlike other Mediterranean islands there is no overbuilding and nature is very well preserved especially in the northern region.

Narrow streets, its magnificent buildings, its medieval streets, its cathedral makes it very special place. While walking in Ciutadella, you can relax in one of the terraces of the port where you will enjoy the view of ships moored in one of the most picturesque ports in the Mediterranean.

You should know that the island of Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993. Everything here is under the protection of UNESCO and therefore can safely say that this is the most preserved European island. Be sure to try the local specialties of seafood.

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