The most important attractions in La Goulette Tunisia

We arrived at La Goulette on schedule at 13:00. In the brochure of the ship we were warned that the local time was an hour back, but we did not comply with it, but with the time it was on the ship. So, before we go for a walk, we set our clocks in order to make sure that we have dropped the ship in the most inappropriate place!

Not for anything else but for finance - from anywhere else it would have been easier for us to move to the next port! The previous night, we had left cards in the cabins that we had to fill in with our personal details and take with us if we wanted to go to land. A train stop is right next to the port of La Goulette. I had originally planned to use this kind of transport, but somewhere I read that they did not accept the euro, and there was no place to exchange currency at the port. It seemed a bit strange to me, but I did not bother to check if it was true!

I had the preliminary information that a fixed-price taxi could be hired and rides to certain sites (those that are most visited). This was a better alternative to boat trips, which were about 50 euros per person. We found the office of the taxi company, and there was a chart of the tours and prices. We had about 5 hours and we decided not to be maximalists, we stopped at Carthage and Sidi Bou Said if I did not lie the price was 60 euros. In comparison with the prices in Tunisia, this is just skinning of 3 skins, on the other hand, our driver rides 4 hours where we want, waiting for us, so it can be said he deserved the money. Bookmark and Share

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They gave us a piece of paper, where it was written where we wanted to go and the price, then directed us to one of the taxis. The driver, seeing that his eyes were on the shorter lap, apparently decided that he could win a euro from us, and began to tell us sweetly that if we did not see the Medina, we did not see anything from attractions in Tunisia etc.

We tell him that we do not have enough time, and he only stopped the car and pulled one sheet to show us how many hours our ship is going! And so for five minutes - he spoke one, and we did another until finally we stumbled firmly with our feet that we wanted to go where we decided! But he too, a tricycle, wanting to spit on davers, at least to have taken us 10 euros out of the price!

Not that we did not go to Medina, but if we had agreed, it would have been a big run and worry if we could get back on time! And as far as I remember from our previous arrival in the capital Tunisia, there was a terrible traffic and a great deal of the trip we spent in a traffic jam. After we reached a consensus, we headed for Carthage.

The ticket for the ruins cost 9 Tunisian dinars, but of course we did not have it, so we were 6 euros. If you want to shoot, you also pay for photos separately. The ticket is valid for 10 historical sites that are marked on it and when a site is visited, a print is printed on the site. We were able to visit 4 of them.

Where the Tunisian flag is the residence of Zin al Abiddin Ben Ali, the former President of Tunisia. They did not allow them to shoot at the time. Now there was no one to control us! It's great to go around when there are no guides and other tourists. You can plunge into the atmosphere of the place!

Luckily, we did not catch up with the groups of the ship! We decided to drink a mint tea with cedar nuts in the famous Cafe des Nattes café. We wanted to do this on our previous visit, but due to our limited time of 20 minutes to look around the city, we did not succeed. Inside, it was just paradise, compared to the 33-degree heat out! Like everything in this city and prices in the cafe were quite tourist - one tea - 2 euros. So, buying mineral water from a store and asking me how much it costs, they ask, "In dinars, dollars or euros!" and I "In Euro" - 1 euro, but at the same time I remembered that we were carrying some backward dollars and asked, "And in dollars?" Naturally" So if there is no possibility to exchange dinars, it is best to shop in dollars! Turning along side streets as if we were teleporting elsewhere tourists suddenly disappeared.

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